You Might Not Choose The Right Niche The Very First Time

Stop holding back and stop overthinking for months at a time what your first website should be, because even though your website has to be centered around a specific niche such as computer programming or self improvement, your niche might get more specific or slightly change over time. It might take you a while to figure out what you enjoy that makes money and even if you do slightly change niches, there is a chance they can talk to each other.

My niche actually has changed over time. I began marketing in the computer programming niche, specifically the PHP niche, which the average person doesn’t know what it is and many people who even know what it is are afraid of it and do not want to learn it. However, when a software program called WordPress came along, it suddenly became easier. WordPress is a blogging platform built on top of PHP where people can point and click to install plug-ins and they can make very simple changes that are not as scary as plain PHP. It took me releasing a few products in PHP to realise that the WordPress niche was more profitable and had a wider customer base and that is what happened. I released a few products in one niche until deciding what was better.

You might not only realize what’s more profitable but what you enjoy more. I know that for me, it’s more fun to make computer programs faster which I was able to do faster in WordPress than in PHP. There was also the factor of WordPress being more point and click than PHP which meant less customer support on my end. I can simply make a video saying click this, click that and it was a lot easier to explain these tutorials in WordPress than in PHP.

Finally, it is OK to change niches if they can still talk to each other. It’s no fun throwing everything away and starting from scratch. That’s why when I had my PHP products and somone bought those, I could then promote my WordPress products and vice versa. That means I did not have to give up on the PHP line of products, I could keep those out there and use them to funnel new customers into the WordPress area.

You might not choose the right niche the first time. It could change over time. You might figure out what makes more money, what you enjoy more but if your niches are similar enough where one can promote the other, then you will be OK.

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