What Does It Mean To Have A High Traffic Site,

You have a website or you’re thinking about creating one and you hear it’s a good thing to have a high traffic site. What does that mean, Traffic means that you have a lot of eyeballs or people coming to your site. If you have ten visitors on your site, those are 10 individual people around the world who have come to your website and are viewing your opt-in page, your sales letter, your forum, your website.

People might call these terms visitors or clicks, or hits but it means the number of people coming to your site. And, you might only get 10 clicks or 10 visitors a day which is fine as long as you are sending people to the right place. It’s okay to have ten visitors a day if your sales letter converts to 10% because that means you get one sale a day from that webpage.

It’s okay to have ten visitors a day if your opt-in page converts at 50% because that means you’re adding five email subscribers to your list every single day from that one particular webpage. And, you need lots of traffic, lots of those visitors because that means you get more email opt-ins to your list. Which means more sales once you promote offers to that link, and that means you can keep sending more and more traffic. Your list gets bigger and bigger and your traffic gets bigger and bigger because you’re saving that in your email list.

And, it’s easy to tell if you’re doing the right thing if you launch a new offer and you have a big list, you can quickly see how well it converts and what needs changing. If you have a split test going, the split test will complete sooner and you can tell if changing the headline or changing the offer made a difference. But no matter how much traffic you have, whether it’s none or small amount or decent amount, you always need consistent traffic. Otherwise your money is basically going to dry up. Your list will stop building, people will stop clicking, and people will stop buying.

You always need to be thinking about how can I get more sales today and how can I get more people on my email list today. That might mean send out another message to your autoresponder, write a new article, make a new forum post, make a new guest blog post, get someone else to promote you whatever it is you need to have traffic coming to your site whether you call them clicks, hits or visitors.

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