Use The Six Second Rule To Make Better Decisions And Get More Done

When was the last time you spent an hour or two just thinking about what you are going to do that evening, or where you are going to go for dinner, Think about how much time that wasted and think about all the different possibilities you thought of only to go back to your original decision. That is why the first choice, or the first decision you make is usually correct. Most decisions you make can be easily reversed. A good example is deciding on a design or theme for your blog. It takes one click to change the theme of your blog, especially if you are using a free theme. That means that decision isn’t very important.

Set up your blog, worry about the blog content, comments and getting traffic and set whatever theme you see immediately. You can always change it later.

The other thing you remember about the six second rule is if the right decision is that important then it will usually present itself. That means that if you look at the dinner menu, and you see something that jumps out at you. You know that is what you should have for dinner. If you are trying to decide on what niche to theme your website about, and you keep seeing that people ask you the same questions or you enjoy that certain subject. Then, that is the niche you should go after.

It is all important because most decisions don’t really make a difference in your long term life – what you will have for dinner, what will be your new parts domain name, what article you will write about today. Just think about it and do it, and get used to trusting your instincts and taking that first decision into action.

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