Use Accounts Down Timer To Get More Done And Become More Productive Instantly

Here are three simple ingredients to get at least triple the amount of work done as you are getting now. Use Parkinson’s Law, Time Boxing, and Train your brain for urgency.

Parkinson’s Law is pretty simple, it says that if you have a certain amount of time blocked out for a task – that task will balloon up to the amount of time you have set aside for it. That means that if you give yourself 8-hours to set up a website, it is going to take you 8-hours to do it. But it you give yourself one hour to do it, then you will find a way to set up some kind of website – maybe not the perfect website, but something after one hour.

Shorter, smaller tasks makes sure you get more done than big, long, bulky tasks. That is why you have to have some clear small tasks, instead of big to-do items and time yourself doing it. This is called Time Boxing. That means if you say it will take you one hour to set up a website, then hold yourself to it. Create a countdown timer, use a tool like tool-timer, use your phone, or use your kitchen timer to countdown the seconds of that one hour to make sure that you have something online.

Think about that, if you were setting up a simply web page and you had 8-hours to do it and you were 58 minutes in, you wouldn’t care if there was a bunch of incomplete stuff on the page, would you, It would be fine if the header looked crappy, if the design was bad. But if you only had an hour and you were 58 minutes in, and you only had two minutes left to finish. You would do whatever you could to make it passable, to make it look good enough so you could come back later and make the changes you need to make.

In the worst case, if just left that ugly web page alone – it would still serve its purpose.

What is interesting about timing your tasks and having a countdown timer is that you begin to train yourself to do things quickly. If you stick to the countdown timer, and you only give yourself an hour to set up a web page or ten minutes to write an article, you get used to that buzzer going off and you get up from the computer and you completely stop. You will find yourself starting to rush when the countdown timer approaches zero. You will figure out ways to type faster, read faster, think faster and just get your tasks finished and good enough before that timer runs out, becuase you are focusing not on what people will think of you or how good or bad something is, but can I have something finished before that clock reaches zero.

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