Three Easy Ways To Monetize Your Download Page Finally Revealed

However someone pays you money online, they are automatically redirected to your download page. This is great because the delivery of your digital product is automated and action of them paying you is automated as well. It’s an auto-pilot system. But there are always ways we can change things around and get a little more money out of every transaction by adding a little something to our download page. If all you are doing is delivering a link or download on that page, you’re missing out some extra sales that you could have had. You can link to another product. You can add a banner ad to an affiliate product or just deliver a follow up sequence after they download.

It’s very simple to link another product or an affiliate product as soon as someone buys from you. You might just have one e-book or one report or one video for sale and that’s fine. Do a search for your affiliate. Go on Google, type in your niche and the word affiliate, or search the CLICKBANK marketplace, or contact any of your friends, see if they offer an affiliate or referral program where you can send your buyers to them and if they buy the other product, you get a commission.

If you have another related report or video, it can’t hurt to introduce your buyers to this. There’s nothing wrong in asking for a second sale. So, if someone just bought from you today, prove your buyer so they are not going to get offended if you try to help them out even more. You can easily link to either one of your product or an affiliate product. And what’s great about these affiliate products is, they have a product called affiliate centers, where they will supply you with things such as graphics, or banner ads to place on your blog or on your download pages. To take advantage of them, grab one of these banner ads, and make it a link to this other person’s product as an affiliate link. It will look more official than a simple text link. And finally, some of these affiliate centers also provide you with simple copy and paste emails to your blog post, to send to your subscribers. Just take these and place them on your auto-responder sequence for people who have already bought from you. This way you can get people to buy from you the first time. Out of the year they are proven buyer then, convert on someone else’s offers. Monetize your download page by linking to another product or affiliate products, add a banner ad or set up a follow-up sequence for the buyers after they download.

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