The Quick Start Guide Web Hosting, Terms You Need To Know

Webhosting and having a website on the internet is not that difficult, especially considering that once it is online – it is on there forever. But, some of the terms and definitions can be confusing. So, let’s explain what a web browser, hosting service, cPanel, and FTP is.

First of all, you already have a web browser on your computer. This is Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, and this is how you get on the internet. This is the program where you type in a web address and view a web page. This is how other people will find your website. They will open up their web browser, type in your web address, and end up on your web page. This is the thing that allows you to view files and pages on your site. You set up what is called an HTML page, this is what any web page looks like. It has graphics, and different font sizes and colors. When you link to a downloadable file, called a zip file, this is downloaded through the web browser as well.

What is a hosting service, This is a service that you pay on a monthly basis, probably about $10 per month, to store your files. You don’t want to store your files on your own computer because if you got offline, no one would be able to get to them. You want to put your web pages, articles, or your blog on a $10 per month web host so that it is fast and that anyone can get to these files and pages 24-hours a day.

When choosing a web host make sure that webhost is a cPanel webhost. This is an interface where you can do things to your website, set up email accounts, sub-domains, or additional domains. This is where yau maintain your website. You can change your password, add extra users, all kinds of fun stuff like that.

Finally, FTP or File Transfer Protocol, is the way that you can upload your files to your website. You will use a program such as Filezilla to connect to your site using FTP, and then drag and drop whatever audio files, .pdf’s, .zip files or HTML web pages onto your website so people can view them through your web browser.

What happens is, they type in your address in their web browser and are contacting your hosting service and then they see the files that you have set up using cPanel and FTP.

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