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TetraMap® Facilitator Certification Course

1000 + Certified Facilitators
Affecting the face of business worldwide

Translated into 8 Languages
Including German, Dutch, Polish and Spanish

40,000 + Instruments used
4 workbooks are available for understanding behaviour, team building, planning, sales & services

Used in 20 countries
Including UK, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Dubai, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei

Who is This Course For?

This course is designed for trainers, facilitators and anyone committed to supporting and accelerating positive change.

When And Where Is This Course Held?

It is held in Singapore annually.  For 2020, this course will be held on 2 to 4 March 2020 from 9:00am to 6:00pm.  We will advise fully paid and registered participants of the venue when we are getting closer to the event.

What Is This Course About?

See this as a 3 day journey filled with information, evidence of successful applications in an energised learning and practice-focused context.  It’s been tested in over 20 counties around the world.

Upon the completion of the course, Certified TetraMap Facilitators (CTFs) will be able to purchase TetraMap resources and connect to our global community of over 2000 facilitators. The CTF network links amazing people doing amazing things that make a difference.

Why Did Our Past Graduates Join This Course?

We asked our past graduates what made them decide to join this course.
The main reason is that they wanted to learn how TetraMap catalyses change.  They have been recommended by someone who did the course before and decided to integrate TetraMap as the model into their organisation or specific training solutions.

Upon completion of the course, CTFs are allowed to use TetraMap’s signature style of facilitation to develop people, teams, and leaders.Most of our past graduates are looking for something refreshing and simple that gets people working together fast and collaborating easily.

This course is for you if

  • You have an HR or OD challenge you want to solve
  • You are looking for something refreshing to add to your existing facilitation toolkit.
  • You are looking for a model that’s non-judgemental and can be transferred easily across different cultures and contexts.
  • You are looking for a tool that easily connects a range of topics: leadership, communication, team working, inclusion, conflict and customer relationships.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

We will cover the following topics:

  • TetraMap®’s vision, values, and the Tetra Bottom Line
  • Experience “Why are you like that?” (WAYLT) as a participant
  • Debrief the process as a facilitator: The why’s and how’s of facilitating the WAYLT activity
  • Extend the application to go further, deeper, faster
  • Reaching ALL your learners in any facilitation/training situation
  • Creating Catalytic Questions: understanding and practising the skill of asking questions to catalyse learning
  • Practise, practise, practise: working on specific, relevant WAYLT application
  • Gems and Opportunities: debriefing opportunities for improvement and development
  • TetraMap® is a model, tool, framework and approach
  • Understanding the significance of the TetraMap® Approach as an integration strategy
  • TetraMap®: a complete range
  • Explore specific application of the different TetraMap® workbooks:
  • Why Are We Like That? – The nature of high performance teamwork
  • Why Are We Doing This? – A collaborative and innovative approach to planning
  • Why Is The Customer Like That? – Sales & service performance with internal and external customers
  • My Nature, Your Nature – Young adults and non-business context (focuses on development of non-business-oriented leadership and self-esteem building)
  • Looking forward to a bright future with TetraMap® and your new global network
  • Supporting you and exploring the website (review of downloadable resources)
  • Case studies on the application TetraMap® in Change Management, Visioning and Organisation Development project

What Is Your Investment?

The investment will be a one-time payment of SGD2,469. CTFs are allowed to keep 100% of the revenue collected for their TetraMap training and facilitation without the need of paying any licence fee or royalty fees to us or TetraMap International.

However, CTFs will be required to purchase the training materials from us or TetraMap Internationals which is a small amount of investment.  We will explain this during the course.

What Does Your Investment In This Course Include?

  • Pre-course reading and coaching
  • 3 day training with an experienced CTF
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Certification Ceremony on 3rd day
  • Certified TetraMap® Facilitator bag
  • Certified TetraMap® Facilitator Handbook
  • 5 Workbooks Why are you like that?
  • 1 Workbook Why are they like that?
  • 1 Workbook Why is the customer like that?
  • 1 Workbook Why are we doing this?
  • Certified TetraMap® facilitator page on the official website
  • Online access to all support materials including:
  • TetraMap® eBook
  • Why Are You Like That? leader guides and PowerPoint slides
  • Support slides and notes
  • Posters
  • Templates and documents
  • TetraMap® sales kit
  • Graphics for marketing and logos
  • And many more bonuses which will be announced during the Course

What Did Some of Our Past Graduates Say About This Course?

“The course was fun, engaging, challenging, and rewarding. TetraMap will enrich your personal and professional lives.”
Rustle Freeman, Education Leader, Edumazing, Australia

“It really was the best course I have ever been on. It was so inspiring and enjoyable, and I had more ‘aha’ moments than ever before!”
Christine Walkley, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, UK

“The first time I facilitated TetraMap, the resources available are so great that I felt very confident going into the session.”
Denise Carter, Director, People Matter, NZ

“People get the hang of TetraMap so quickly. I use it more than anything else now.
Bronwyn Anderson (MBTI certified) Psychologist, Change Dynamics, NZ

“I love being able to use TetraMap to influence the people around me. Understanding the best way to facilitate people of different preferences is a really powerful way to ensure everyone gets a personal journey that works for them.”
Andy Scrase Telefonica UK

For Further Information, visit http://www.TetraMap.com          

CTF - Kuala Lumpur, Oct 2019

CTF - Singapore , Sep 2019

CTF - Kuala Lumpur, SEP 2018

CTF - Kuala Lumpur , Sep 2017