Test And Track Your Traffic Using These Three Tools

When you test and track your website, you can find out where you’re best customers are coming from and what changes you should make. When you track, you can examine these factors and when you test you can try to change some of these factors. Tracking means you look at where the traffic is coming from and testing means you’re changing what’s on your page once they arrive.

To track, use Google Analytics. You sign up with Google Analytics, you paste a small block of code on your site and now you can see how many people come to your site, where they come from, and what they do on your page. You can also use AWStats which is a free tool inside of the cpanel backends in your webhost.

You test your site and with this you use Google Website Optimizer. What you do here is set up two versions of your opt-in page. Version A might have one headline. Version B will have a different headline and Google Website Optimizer will make sure to send half of the traffic to page A, half of the traffic to page B, and figure out which one of those made more people sign up. And if there is even a small improvement, for example, if one page makes ten out of every 100 people sign up and the other page makes 15 out of every 100 people sign up.

That might be significant enough to keep the changes and now if thousands of people happen to sign up on that opt-in page over time, that amounts to a large number of subscribers, and once you have a winner you can repeat and test it against a different headline. And, that ‘s how you test and track. Use Google Analytics and AWStats to find your traffic sources and Google Website Optimizer to improve your webpage conversion.

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