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How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Succeed?

If you look at the online marketing space, you’ll see a TON of emphasis is put on getting a bigger email list and increasing your social media reach.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s true that having 100,000 people on your email list is better than having 10,000…and having 10,000 is better than having 1,000.

But, what ISN’T true is that you HAVE to have 100,000, 1,000 or even 100 people on your email list before you can start making money.

It’s just not true, no matter how many online marketing gurus say it!

And that is exactly what my friend, Matt McWilliams, addresses in the second video of his brand new affiliate marketing workshop.


He shares example after example of people who “punched above their weight” and succeeded in affiliate marketing.

People like Matthew Loomis, who was the #2 affiliate in a recent promotion…despite having the smallest email list of ANYONE in the top ten.

Or Mike Kim, who WON a recent affiliate launch even though his email list was 150 times smaller than the second-place affiliate.

Not only does he share those examples, he breaks down exactly how they did it.

Then he shows you how you can replicate their tactics to achieve success in affiliate marketing regardless of your email list size.

If you’ve ever had the thought that you can’t succeed because your email list isn’t big enough, GO WATCH THIS VIDEO!

You have all the following you need to succeed right now.

Watch now:


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Episode 025 – How To Convey Your Marketing Message to the Right Audience By Learning from Hip Hop Harry Show

In Episode 025, Jack has invited Claude Brooks, who was formerly a Hollywood actor starring in movies with Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy, and has produced over 300 TV shows and is the creator the famous Hip Hop Harry Show. Claude is going to share with us his entrepreneurship journey from being an actor to the creator of successful kids' shows including Hip Hop Harry.  

Claude explains how he uses Hip Hop Harry as the medium to convey a powerful message to the kids and their parents, to help build strong core values and foundations for the kids.

Starting off as an actor

"[Claude] started off as a, as a child actor and I did a lot of TV shows. I go all the way back to the Cosby show. And then eventually that led me to a starring in my own shows, like "True Colors" and "Hitz" and when I was in my late twenties, I wanted to start producing and since I was having a lot of success as an actor already, it was easier to make the transition into producing and that's when we started C to the B productions and we do a lot of popular culture shows, you know, shows that deal with pop culture like second time around and "Dance 360"" and one of the shows that is Hip Hop Harry, which is a children's show,

No Excuse Not To Know Anything

"There's no excuse anymore for people to say "I just don't know or understand" when you can just go and Google whatever you want to find out that.  So there's no longer that excuse of like, "I just don't know. And there's nobody to talk to."  There is. It's called your COMPUTER".

Successful People Are Willing To Help Others

"Folks who are successful people want to help people. Generally, all successful people I've met, somebody helped them get to where they are. I've never had anybody who was like, I did this all on my own. I figured it all out and nobody helped me or nothing. Somebody generally helped them at some point in their life and they would recognise it and a lot of people help me along the way. So I try to do the same thing back getting some type of mentorship."

What's Hip Hop Harry's Message to the Kids?

"So we were teaching kids not to be bullies in the show and how to care about other people's feelings and you know why washing your hands is good or listening to your parents. So there's a lot of social emotional messages that, you know, that come out of our shows and one of the big themes that's happening right now in the States is bullying. It is a big deal right now.  You know, especially with the Internet and with social media platforms, kids are doing a lot of bullying.  So that message is also, you know, part of the, part of this show inclusion as part of the show because forming clicks is one of the things that people do in school, right"

Claude's Most Favourite Quote
"It's important to get to your destination and reach back to help others get to their destination."

Want to know more about Claude and Hip Hop Harry Show? 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiphopharryfanclub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiphopharry
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hiphopharrytv/
YouTube Channel: Hip Hop Harry
Website: http://www.hiphopharry.com

You can download the Show Notes here: 

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