Personal Development

You are here because you have a desire to be the very best version of yourself possible.  And, if you have been working on achieving goals and trying to improve your health, your financial situation, your relationships, or your career, you have probably arrived at the realisation that the greatest barriers to your success are your own beliefs, habits and personal doubts.

The negative aspects of ourselves become apparent through the self-critical chatter in our minds which Blair Singer, my teacher, calls the little toice.  This little voice reminds us incessantly of all our defeats, doubts and fears and when left unchecked can stifle any attempts we would make that involve us risking failure.

Fortunately, Blair Singer Training Academy ("BSTA") offers a variety of tools and products that will help you identify your little voice challenges so that you can break past that thoughts and behaviours that are holding yo back from evolving into the person you want to be. Better yet, the process is often fun, liberating and creates immediate impact.

Explore  BSTA's personal development products to help you create your own extraordinary life.