Should You Concentrate On Social Media To Bring In Visitors Or Use Traditional Methods For Internet Traffic,

It seems as if every few months there is some new social network coming out of nowhere and a lot of people spend tons of time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Not just building the site and participating with the community but trying to get some of that community back to their site. But do sites such as Twitter and Facebook bring in as many visitors as locations such as forums or blogs, or other people’s mailing lists, And, is it worth the time putting into it, And, my answer to that is you need to measure your results.

For awile, I used to spend lots and lots of time on Twitter and less time promoting on forums, and I noticed that I only had about 5% of my visitor traffic on my blog, on my opt-in pages, and on my sales letter come from Twitter. That means that I only should of been spending 5% of my time marketing on Twitter. Your results might vary but you really need to make sure that you see where your visitors come from, and if only a certain percentage comes from a certain site you should only spend that percentage of your day marketing to that site.

The other thing to keep in mind is that social media is very different than marketing on other sites. In that, you have to build up more of a relationship. If you see someone in a blog comment or in a forum, you might never talk to them again. But sites such as Twitter and Facebook, you always see their status updates or they post on your wall, or you post on theirs. There is a fair amount of a relationship building which might make it a little more difficult to track. But you can’t go into a social networking site and think that you can spam a bunch of links and get traffic back. It is a lot more slow going and a lot more difficult to see results right away.

But it is a small boost and if your other methods of traffic such as articles, forums, affiliates and so on aren’t bringing you in consistent results and they’re on autopilot, try spending some of your time on these additional traffic boosts such as social media.

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