Celebration Sunday – How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome (“SOS”) That Can Hurt Your Business?

Here is a true story that may hurt you in your business.

When I started my own business in 2011 after making the decision to leave the corporate world, I asked myself what I should do in my business.  Somehow, I leveraged on my consulting skills in business and tax which I learned during my 17-year corporate world under-fire training and started my first business as a business and tax consulting.  Today, I am proud of having such skills regardless of what lines of business I am in.  My fundamentals are there and my foundations have been built a while ago.

How about others who don’t see themselves or realize that they have such skills.  Many of my friends who became the entrepreneurs for the wrong reasons.  They just want to leave their jobs because they are tired of it.  They might have been sold the dream of becoming their own bosses and having the ability to travel around the world.  Some of them might want to devote more time to their loved ones in the family.  I heard that and I can relate to it absolutely.

But … here is the deal?  The deal is that when one does not see him have such skills. And what’s worse is that he is looking into the vehicle in which a business can be built.  So, over the years, I have heard people jump to internet marketing and when it did not work out, they went to stock trading.  When it also did not work out, they notice that some other people have been successful in investing real estates and they decided to jump to real estate investing.  Inevitably, they landed themselves in a loop, which is called the Shiny Object Syndrome (“SOS”).

If you are a victim who is suffering from SOS, it’s not the end of the world.  Why you do need to know is you have to fall back on your fundamentals.  My Sifu, Dan Lok, has summed up well in his video training titled ‘The Wealth Triangle” and I would recommend that you watch this video a few times and take good notes:

Ask yourself what you high-income skill you already have and how you can improve such skills.

Ask yourself what high-income skill you have to have when you don’t see you have one right now.

In either case, ask yourself what actionable steps you must take to help you build a high-income skill.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading!


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