Sales Letter Site Versus Ecommerce Site

When it comes to collecting money on the internet, there are pretty much two different types of websites. An ecommerce site, which is kind of like an storefront where there are many pages on the same site and many different products for sale, many different ways to buy and the other method is a sales letter which is where you have a single web page and just one thing to buy.

Which is right for you, It really depends on if you have a big inventory already or not. An ecommerce site means that you have lots of products for sale, you might already be an established offline business and you want people to come to your site and pick and choose exactly what they want. They might be able to buy multiple quantities of your products, for example, they might buy three flowerpots or five trading cards and they are educated enough to go thru the process of adding items to a cart, checking out and giving you their payment information. An ecommerce site is great if you are an offline store with an inventory that has things that can be shipped. The disadvantage to it is that it’s a confusing experience to navigate, there are lots of links, it takes a while to set it up and get this entire product line on and get all the kinks out and it is hard to improve the conversion rate. In other words it’s difficult to tell if making one change to your site really got more people to buy because they are so many links and pages on this site.

The alternative is a sales letter which is where you only have one thing for sale. This is great if you only have one product, if you have not made the product yet or if you want to focus on people getting one thing from you. A sales letter is pretty much the opposite of an ecommerce site. There’s no shopping carts, there’s no way to buy multiple quantities of anything, there’s one web page to explain what it is you’re offering, which could be a digital report, physical CD or a physical item, but there’s one web page explaining one item and there is one single payment button. People hook on one button and they can buy just one thing. This has a very fast setup because you set up the sales letter and the payment button and it is easy to make changes and find out if those changes get you more sales. The disadvantage to a sales letter is that you can only offer one thing at a time.

Which is right for you, an ecommerce site with many pages or a sales letter with one page, If you already have a big inventory an ecommerce site is for you. But if you have just one thing to offer then definitely set up a sales letter as the front page of your website.

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