Reduce Refunds Today By Setting Up Your Download Page Properly

I want to share with you a few quick items to make sure you place on your download page to reduce refunds and keep your buyers happy. A download page is where you deliver a video or port that your customer just pays for. They might have just pay through PayPal, or CLICKBANK or one shopping cart but they were on your site, they left your site to pay and now they are back and it’s time to deliver their download.

You might have the download link and given them typical instructions but we want to make sure, first of all, that they know who you are. So place your contact information on your download page, preferably on every page to your site, so that people know what email address to leave a email on, may be even add a phone number which they can call and get a voice mail and leave you a message there to tell you if the order incomplete, or whether they aren’t just sure whether you respond, or for whatever reason they were not able to get the download, you need to know about it. And it’s better if you find out about it by an email than simply if they charge back the purchase, number one, add your contact information.

Also stay what name will appear on their credit card statement. You can find this out by logging in to your PayPal or CLICKBANK or your Merchant account. If you still cannot find it, email the company that handles your payment delivery and find out what appear on somebody’s credit card statement after they buy from you. Tell them what will appear on their credit card statement and also the exact dollar amount they were just charged. So that when that bill comes later on, they are sure this is the thing I bought and they don’t negotiate refund or charge back.

And one final optional step that you can take to make sure you reduce refunds is telling them what extra bonuses are coming. And this is very easy, just set up a second hidden download page then extra bonus and schedule that link to that download page to be sent out seven days from now after they buy. And that will go a long way towards reducing refunds. On the internet most people who are your buyers are good, so by providing contact information, telling them what will appear on their credit card statement, and telling them what bonus are coming up, will help them reduce the confusion of your customers and at the same time, reduce your refund rate.

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