Make Money From Other People’s Download Pages With These Little Known Techniques

It’s true that a lot of marketers leave money on the table by offering something for sale while in the download and not rolling any other offers. This might be true but this can also be true with people you know, and that’s how you can monetize the download pages of your friends, your affiliates and even your competitors.

First of all it can’t hurt just to send a quick email and ask if your affiliate link to your product is a good match for their download page may be you just buy from that person, you notice that may be on the download page they don’t have an up sell. As if they are going to sign up for your affiliate program and place that special link on their download page. That way someone would come to their site, buy from them, and on the download page, they link to your offer, and if they buy from you that original product seller will get the commission plus you get that extra sale and extra lead as well. If you have an email auto responder that allows for affiliate tagging you can place your opt in form, your email sign in form on someone else’ download page. What this does is it allows new people to sign up for your list and if it ends up leading to a sale you’ll credit that person who referred that subscriber to your list. That means that someone will buy from your competitor, on their download page they’ll see your email form with some kind of free gift or other offer and if and when they buy from you, you get the sale and that competitor gets the commission, even though the subscriber might have taken weeks or months to buy.

And finally, if you are getting trouble for someone to agree to place a link to their download page try offering them a small monthly fee on top of an affiliate commission that you are providing because any extra sale from this joint venture is a potential buying in the future. So even if you break even on the sale of the original product it does not cost you anything. That means you might have to offer 100% commission, if the product is $20 and someone just for sale, may be that person gets all $20, may be you offer a monthly fee and 50% commission, which means that, that person gets $10 for sale, but regardless of the sales or not, you pay them $20 just to have your link on their download page. This might seem a waste of money at first but, no new sales is coming in without affiliate id, stop paying them the monthly fee and they can remove the link if they want because that has not been shown to be a venture that makes sales.

Monetize other people’s download pages with an affiliate link, with an “opt in” box or a crazy offer such as 100% commission, or a monthly fee plus an affiliate link.

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