How To Write Headlines And Bullet Points For Your Sales Letters Without Thinking

I want you to get really good at writing sales letters and other webpages and I don’t want you to get stuck. That’s why I am going to share with you an easy way to come up with any headline and any bullet point without thinking by applying a very simple formula that you can use for any offer on any webpage, and have your site set up in a fraction of the time.

The first way I like to think about writing a headline or a bullet point is to think of three problems and three solutions. For example, if you were offering a time management course and the problem the people were having is that they were overwhelmed, they were tired and they were running out of time. Those are the three problems and three solutions could be to simplify their life to increase their energy and to work faster then they can get more out of the day.

And, we could incorporate that in the headline and it’s almost now written itself. If you’re overwhelmed, tired, and you’re running out of time then you need this training to get more energy, work faster, and do something else that will help them out. Three problems and then three solutions to those problems writes the majority of your headline or your bullet points for you.

The next thing to keep in mind about headlines and bullet points is that we’re focusing on the “wow” factor; on the big result, outcome, boost, or improvement. We’re not going for what it actually is, we’re going for what it does and that means that instead of talking about the really cool worksheets or step-by-step formulas that we’re offering. Let’s focus on what people get once they’re done.

Maybe they will get 10 hours of work every day compressed into one hour. Maybe they will live long; maybe they’ll be happier but those are the things to keep in mind when writing your headlines and your bullet points. It’s fine to mention that the components of your course but your headlines and your bullet points will become a lot more exciting if you focus on what comes after they take your training.

And finally, if you’re really stuck. My fill in the blank template for writing bullet points is why and then some kind of emotional reason and how, and then some kind of emotional outcome. And, that could be something as, “Why saying goodbye to email forever. Why saying goodbye to email forever will improve your life drastically and how you can take those steps in three days or less!”

We’re saying why this thing is important and then how it does this but we’re making sure to add emotional words such as say goodbye to or improve then we’re not listing things out. We’re actually making this fun and exciting and connecting with our readers. Write headlines and bullet points by thinking of three problems and three solutions by focusing on what results comes out of that training, and then use the why and how technique.

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