How To Start Writing Your Sales Letter

Even though you might see many webpages from top to bottom. Most copywriters don’t start by writing the headline. They might not start at the bottom either. The question is what part of your sales letter should you write first, The answer is the bullet points.

For me, the most detailed part and the most difficult part to come up with in your sales letter is the bullet points. The description of what’s inside your product because once you have that middle part, that list of what is inside the solution. Then you can transition into the headline. Then the story and the problem pretty much write itself. But a great place to start is with the bullet points because it’s easy to expand from there and a webpage with nothing but a bunch of bullet points and a order button is still a basic sales letter.

What you do first is list many of the components, videos or chapters or inside your paid offer and then expand them into benefits. Take those things, for example, if you were to sell a report about increasing the distance you can hit a golf ball but the first chapter might be about which golf club to choose. But we want to focus on the outcome, the feature is what golf club to choose but the benefit might be exactly, “How choosing the correct golf club makes all the difference,”

Even if some of your bullet points are features and not benefits, it’s still okay. It’s fine to list the exact components of your course, report, video, or class because people still need to know what they’re buying. It’s up to you to take that list of what they’re buying and make it more exciting. But if you’re a beginner copywriter, having a list of bullet points is better than having no sales letter at all.

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