How To Hide And Secure Your Digital Product Delivery Download Page

Your prospects come to your website, they decide to purchase from you, they click the buy button and are sent possibly to PayPal, they pay, they check out and they are sent back to your download page to get the product. How can you make sure that only people who see this download page are people who actually pay, There are a few thing you can do to make sure that only people who see your download page are the people who buy and anyone who does not bought, does not have the access to it. First of all add the “no archives” and “no index” med-tags to your download page. You can do the search and figure out the exact code to add make sure that the search engines do not pick it up. Next thing you can do is name you download page something hard to guess, may be “download5587g1.html”, chances are someone might try to get to download.html or thanks.html but not that big long name. In addition you can also rename this download page every week or every month, just to make sure that if someone does end up on that download page, they won’t have access to it for very long.

And above all the best thing you can do to secure your download pages is to not have a download page at all and is to put your product delivery inside of a membership site. But a download page is a perfectly good way to offer a digital product for download and consumption and is a good start towards making up a first few sales and to already, set it all up inside of a membership site.

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