How To Decide On The Perfect Niche Every Time,

I know that choosing a niche or a specific topic to make your website is a difficult choice especially because if you make the wrong choice then all the websites and all pages you make after that will also be bad. That’s why you should choose a good niche the first time and when you’re choosing a niche make sure that it is something that is mass market and profitable, something that is specific but at the same time something that is also appealing and fun to your target market.

What do I mean when a niche is both mass market and profitable, Mass market means that many people can use it. A lot of people, maybe not everyone, but many people want to lose weight or want to buy or sell a home and a niche such as weight loss is profitable because you see lots of infomercials, DVDs, courses and membership sites around that topic.

On the other hand, if we were to choose cable knit sweaters as our niche, that might be fun to use as a hobby but unless a lot of people are paying big money for materials or training about cable knit sweaters, then that is a niche you should stay away from.

Not just that but you need to get specific when you choose your niche because a niche like weight loss has so many possibilities that you end up looking just like everyone else because with weight loss there is different areas such as exercise or diet or specific types of weight loss such as fat loss and that means if you were to drill down one more level and make your niche fat loss instead of weight loss then now you look different than other people.

But it’s not just that. We also need to make this a fun niche for our potential buyers because nobody likes to do work, nobody likes labor. We want to make whatever we are teaching something that is appealing and fun. For example, I used to teach computer programming and I would make the programming lessons very short and simple with a clearly defined outcome. What we could do if we were in the weight loss niche is not only narrow it down to fat loss but make it appealing and fun, narrow it down to fat loss without diet and exercise and you could have a series of training products about fat loss but specifically how to do it without diet or exercise.

Those are some good examples of specific niches and how you can decide on it. First of all, choose something that you know a lot about and ask yourself is it a mass market kind of topic and not only that, is it something that people are willing to pay for, Is this information valuable,

Step two – how specific can you make it while still making it something that people will pay money for and step three how can you spin it so that it is appealing and fun, making all your competitors dull and boring while keeping you exciting.

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