How To Connect A Sales Letter, Payment Button And Download Page To Deliver Your Digital Products Automatically,

The nice thing about the internet is that you can automate so much of what you do. If you have a digital report which could be a simple PDF file for sale. People can pay you and can get access to this report instantly even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. You can do this with three components, a sales letter, a payment button and a download page.

A sales letter is usually the first page or index.html file of your website and you explain what someone is about to purchase. At the bottom of the webpage you add what is called a payment button. I personally use PayPal as my payment button, what you can do is log in once you’re having an account, go to merchant services and create a new buy now button. Then you’ll be sent to a form where you can fill in the name of your product, the price, the cancellation page, which means if someone’s about to buy and they cancel. It’s in the back to the front page of your side and finally a thank you page.

You might name the park name “simple word press secrets” priced a fee $7 cancellation page will be the front page of your site and the thank you page will be yoursite/thankyou5678.html, once you fill in that form, it would generate a button for you, and it’s simply a copy and paste chunk of code that you can grab and paste on your sales letter, paste on that index.html file. If you don’t know how to do this then give this code to your webmaster.

And then we have to setup the download page! Remember how when we created the button we said that after purchase someone would be redirected to download5678.html. That means that we would make a new page with that name and place the PDF link or video code on that exact page and there you have it. You have a sales letter, you have a download page and you have a PayPal button which paste on that sales letter and after someone pays you money they are redirected to that download page.

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