How To Choose Your Niche Right Now Today

One thing that bothers me is when I come across students who have a list of 10, 20, even 30, different topics or niches that they might make a website about. Guess what, If you haven’t narrowed down your niche, which could be something like green energy, lawn care, weight loss or even real estate, unless you choose that topic you can’t go any further because there’s no domain name to make, there is no web page to create, there’s no product to put up for sale. You need to choose a niche.

So how do you even think of an idea and narrow it down to just one of these possibilities, Think about what skills you have, what could you personally get paid for right now and who else is advertising in this niche.

It’s funny because we all have certain skills. I know that you might have certain hobbies, you might have had certain jobs, you might have gone to school for one topic or another, you have a set of skills and some or all of them might be staring you in the face. For example, are you good at chess, Do you know how to repair cars, Do you know how to fix up a home, Any of these things could possibly be a niche where you could have an authority blog, put out articles and have some kind of membership site where people pay you to get advice. Think about what people ask you about all the time, even in person, because you are the expert on that subject.

Making the website and waiting for it to make money isn’t that fun, is it, Let’s think about what could you possibly get paid for right now to do a task for someone. If you’re a lawyer that might mean setting up someone’s business entity structure, setting up their LOCs and their S Corps and so on. If you are a writer then that might be ghost writing, but either way it’s more fun to get a job right now that you bid on in a job site or get someone to pay you on an as needed basis. Do the work right now and get paid a few hundred dollars and now you have a case study or a starting point for some kind of training you might make in the future.

It doesn’t matter what you are good at or what niche you decide on if no-one is making money in that niche then chances are you won’t either and it’s not going to be as fun unless you pick a topic where you can make money from it. That’s why you need to search for that topic in the search engines, and on Facebook, and on other sites and figure out who is advertising in this niche because if people are paying for ads every single day that means they are making money with it. If other people are making money in these niches, then you can have a starting point, you can see how they do it and then you can do it too.

When deciding on a niche, first think about what skill you have, what kind of activity can you get paid for today or this week even offline in person. Finally, take a look at who is advertising in this niche and that will give you an idea, not only if that niche makes money but if you have chosen one that is too broad or too narrow.

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