How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name After You Have Chosen Your Niche

Congratulations, you’ve decided what topic you want to create your product line about. Maybe it is a membership site about travel, maybe it’s a software program, maybe it’s a course about mobile marketing, maybe it’s a community about cooking. Whatever it is, you’ve chosen your niche and now it’s time to choose a domain name or a dot com name where people can type in a web address and end up on your site.

When you choose a domain name, make sure that it is a dot com name, that it contains the key word of your niche, that it is as short as possible, which means two or three words, and remember that you can always park domains later.

First of all make sure that your site is a dot com name, for example Don’t end your web address in dot net or dot info because those do not appear as trustworthy as a dot com web address. Also make sure that your URL or your domain name contains the key word of the niche you have chosen to be in.

If you are in the public speaking niche, then make sure that whatever your dot com name is that the term public speaking is somewhere in that web address. Also make sure that it is not a super long name. We don’t want to make the web address be something like because that is too much to remember and if you are being interviewed or telling someone what your address is or tabling it out on a form, whatever you’re doing we don’t want to have the name be super long because then it will be easy to forget or misunderstand.

There is good news and you can have the best of both worlds. You can park domains on top of your original domain which means that people can type in different dot com URLs and still end up on your site and that means that if you want to have your brand be a short domain name that contains the name of your niche plus one additional key word that’s your brand but then to capture the search engine results or to get people to be able to type in a longer phrase, you can get this longer four or five word dot com name and set it so that it goes back to your site either way. This is called domain parking.

That’s how you choose a domain name once you have already selected a niche. Find a dot com address that’s available, make sure it contains your key words such as personal finance or stress management, keep it short because we want it to be easy to remember, but if you find a domain name that is longer, that is unregistered, you can park it or in other words forward it to your site at the same time.

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