How To Begin Your Sales Letter

A sales letter is a webpage that you have on your site that’s explains a problem and introduces a solution, and then it tells people why your solution is the best. But it’s difficult to tell where you should start on a sales letter and even if you look at your competitors, it’s tough to see how you can follow in their footsteps without actually copying what they do. And, the best way to have at the top of your sales letter is to introduce a problem.

The reason for that is because if you come right out with your offer immediately, a report or a video that’s for sale. Then they can easily say “no” and leave the site forever. But if you start off with your sales letter with a very common problem that is the same problem that took them to your site, then they are somewhat in agreement with you and have a reason to continue reading.

If you sold a membership site about how to improve your golf game and people came to that site because they couldn’t improve their golf swing. Then you begin with explaining the problems they might be having with that golf swing but you don’t come right out immediately and say, “Buy this” because they can easily say, ” I don’t need this.” Get them aware of the problem first then that by the time you introduce your solution, they have a more difficult time saying “no” to it because they already agreed about the problem.

And, on top of this problem-solution idea, the great way to pull them into to begin with is to introduce a shocking statement to keep them reading. For example, if your membership site shows you how to double the distance that they can shoot a golf ball, then talk about that in the headline but then lead up to that. You’ll say that you’ve discovered how to double the distance. Anyone can hit a golf ball but then jump back to the problem and build up to your solution which explains then how to solve this problem.

Open up your sales letter, figure out what’s the big problem your problem is solving. Is it their problem, Is it your problem, But don’t come out right out with the offer. Have a shocking statement at the very top with the promise of the outcome. Then bring in the problem, then the solution, then what people can buy from you.

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