How To Balance Your Day Job With Building A Business

I know that you might hate your day job, or you may realize that your day job might come obsolete pretty soon and you want to quit. It is not a good idea to drop everything and suddenly start building a business. So how do you balance your existing day job with your future business, How do you keep both of them moving forward so that eventually your business overtakes your day job and you can quit your day job and now be in business for yourself instead of someone else, Make sure not to mix the two, set time to do your business before or after the day job, and give yourself the proper motivation to eventually quit.

Never build your business while at your day job. You can never be sure what kind of monitoring software your employer had installed on the computer or on your network, and you can’t always be sure of what clause is in your contract that may or may not state that using your day job to build your business is reason to be fired. Not just that, but that your business is now owned by your day job.

It is not a good idea and the best way to be sure is just to keep your day job at your day job, and your home-business at home.

How then do you find the time to do things like set up a website, make a blog, make a product while going through this day job, What you do is schedule time to build your business before or after going to your day job. This depends on if you have a family, and if you are a morning or a night person. You might have to wake up an hour earlier to focus on your business before going to your day job. Maybe immediately after you get home from your day job you spend one hour on your business. Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night to spend one hour then to build what you have to build, but schedule certain hours or maybe just one hour per day, or maybe time on the weekend when you can make the day job hours work and when you can still see your family and still have a normal life.

Don’t mix the day job and the business, and schedule time before and after for your own personal time. Even though you might be really tempted to quit that day job immediately, hold off for a few weeks at least. The day job is very good motivation to eventually quit.

We all have bad days at the day job, we get tired of waking up early, or don’t feel like driving into work. Keep that in mind so that you are motivated to get alot done in your own business, and after you quit you will be motivated to keep doing that so that you never have to go back to your day job.

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