How Many Upsell Offers Should I Have On My Download Page

With a download page you completely automate the delivery of your product. If someone sees your webpage, they click, they buy they are set to your download page to pick up your product they just bought. But there is an easy way to get a little more money out of every transaction and that is to offer what’s called an upsell. That means someone just pay you money and you’re giving them additional offer. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a higher price. It can be higher price or same price or lower price. The point is that there is a second offer in addition to what they just purchased. And what’s interesting is that you can than continue this and create multiple upsells and make it so when someone pays you money, you say, do you want this offer and they say no give them another thing and if they say no, and finally give them the download page.

But the question is, how many upsell offers should you really provide, Is 5 too many, Is 10 too many, The answer is yes to both questions. If you’ve ever been through up sell hell, than you know what I mean. You pay someone one time and you have to say no to this offer, no to that offer, NO-NO-NO again to multiple offers just to get to that download page. Even if that helps to convert slightly better, it’s a bad customer experience and will hurt your income in the long term you want to build your relationship with your customer instead. That’s why if you want to offer something else, on the download page just have one upsell. Someone buys and you would say, do you want to upgrade to this extra package, If they say yes, great! They can pay. If they say no, take them directly to the download page. And you don’t even have to get this fancy, you can simply cement thee download and underneath the download link, link them to an additional offer. And if you capture someone’s name and email address after they buy, you have their information and you can send them an additional offer in a few days either manually or with a follow up sequence.

If you have an upsell on your download page at all, limit yourself to just one to avoid upsell hell, link to it after they download, if you can and remember that if you are having your buyers sign up to your auto-responder, you don’t necessarily need to deliver an upsell offer right away.

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