How Long Or Short To Make Your Sales Letter

It doesn’t matter too much about your niche, price point or audience. You have to decide how long you’re going to make your sales letter and adjust from there. But there is no magic number about your webpage needing to be two-pages or ten-pages long. It has to be the right length.

When I write a sales letter, I don’t think ahead of time it’s going to be one page long or ten pages long. It ends up being however long it has to be to list all the details but also not be too boring. We could easily go for 50 or 100-pages filling up the space and saying nothing but we will lose readers. On the other hand, if you were trying to get someone to pay you a thousand or $2,000 dollars and your sales letter was five bullet points, that probably is not enough information.

If your sales letter is on the short side, doesn’t give me enough details to decide I need it. Are you telling me if it’s a book, video or a class, And, if it’s a video what format is it in, How long is it, What does it tell me, If it’s a class, how long does the class go, What parts of it are interactive and so on. Tell me what are the details, not only that. what is in every component and why is each of those components important.

If you’re only selling a 10-page report, you might not have as much to talk about and that’s when you need to worry about your sales letter being too long. If it’s so boring that you have to go through every single component in the table of contents or talk about everything else on every single page that’s obviously too much detail.

As your price point and the amount of value you deliver goes up, then your sales letter needs to be a little bit longer as well. But there’s always that danger of going too long. It’s important for you to look at your own sales letter, ask people in your niche what they think, and split test to see if your sales letter is too long or too short. But when you’re looking about what improvements to make, focus more on improving the headlines or focus on partof the sales letter where you might loose or discuss your readers instead of worrying about how long or short it should be.

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