How Far Ahead Should I Plan And Schedule My Life And Business,

Any tool you have to improve your life can also be misused, including things like calenders, day-planners, and task-lists. That is why you don’t want to spend too much time planning the rest of your life out. Just think about monthly products, weekly promotions, and daily tasks.

This month, what product are you going to be launching, What is going to be your big launch, This week, what are you going to be promoting to your subscribers, Is it going to be the same product you are launching, Are you going to be relaunching an old product while you create this new one, Or, are you going to be promoting someone else,
Finally, what tasks are you going to be completing everyday to make those promotions happen, Are you going to be contacting potential new affiliate partners, making a new blog post, writing and scheduling emails, What daily tasks are you going to be completing to make you weekly promotions possible to have a different monthly product come out to your subscribers,

To make sure that you focus on this one month or this one week – I want you to theme your months and your weeks. This is easy, if you are launching a new product called “Self Improvement Guide”, then this is Self Improvement Guide month. If this week you are promoting a product called “The List Building Accelerator”, then this is List Building Accelerator week. Make sure that all the tasks you complete this week are related to that and most of the promotions you make this month are related to that exact product launch.

You do need a clear plan, you do need to know what direction you are headed in, but over-planning means you won’t get there. Consider if you were traveling from one end of the country to another, you do need to know what highways to take and what direction you are going. But, you might not need to keep track of exactly where you will stop for gas along the way, exactly what you will eat for every meal on the way, and exactly which lanes you will change to along the way.

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