Episode 056 – How to Hire A-Team Player Using Proven Method by Mario Pecoraro

In Episode 056, Jack has invited Mr. Mario Pecoraro, the president and CEO of Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, a company that provides pre- and post- employment background screenings and investigative surveillance services. He grew up working in his parents' investigation company and his passion led him to publish a book called, "The Claim Game: Twenty Best Practices when Managing and Investigating Workers' Comp Claims." 

He's been also featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and Your World with Neil Cavuto. Mario is a thought leader who conducts accredited webinars and speaking engagements around the country. He has received the coveted "40 under 40" nomination by the Albany Business Review where he was honored by his peers as an "outstanding business person" and his company has twice been named a "Best Places to Work."

In Episode 056, Jack has invited Mario Pecoraro, the author of "The Claim Game" to discuss why background investigations can eliminate risks associated with a bad hire.

Mario's Entrepreneurship Journey since 2005

"I realised that I couldn't work in the family business anymore. I was getting married that year and I decided I really needed to do something that was more focused on the corporate world, more focused on really something that could create a sustainable career path for me. And so I decided to start this business.  I never went to business school. I joke with folks today and I'm in my 13th year in business so I'm still going to business school my 13 years ... I had no entrepreneurial experience.  I was really pushed by some close friends to do that. And I said, well, how do you start a business? And I said, I've always worked in the industry, I never realised how to start a business. And they said, well, you know, you need to develop a business plan. And I said what's a business plan? And they said, well, it's a plan that articulates what you're going to do with your business. And I said, well, why do I need a plan? I already know what I want to do. I'm going to go out and investigate things for businesses ... And as I looked back, I think that was really the first step or path of entrepreneurship that really taught me a lot about having a direction and having a plan."

Meaning of Freeing Someone's Future and not firing

"As I freed up folks' future, I've learned that the reality is that you have to develop what your organization's core values are. And what we did is we sat down in a room with our senior managers and we identified all of the folks that we felt were a players in the organization, which at the time was about 85 to 90 percent and we said, what are the common threats that all these A-players, assuming we all believed they were a players, what common threads do they share?  And we identified in our organization what we deem to be our core values and our core values stand today as the foundation of the organization. So we identified four key things that stood out and all these a players in the organization - integrity, successful engagement, right attitude, passion for excellence."

Mario's Most Favourite Quote
"We all need to jump outside of our comfort zones."

Want to know more about Samuel? 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alliance-Worldwide-Investigative-Group-Inc-339133645709
Twitter: https://twitter.com/marioawig
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-pecoraro-749980/
Email: mpecoraro@allianceinvestigative.com
Website: http://allianceinvestigative.com/

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