Episode 049 – How Did Darin Steen Help Entrepreneurs To Become Successful?

In Episode 049, Jack has interviewed Mr Darin Steen, who is a best-selling author, a motivational speaker, an expert in fat loss, fitness, gaining muscle, aging gracefully, and is the more sought after "Reach Your Full Potential Coach" for individuals over 8 countries.  We will find out how Darin works with his high-end clients who paid him a lot of money for his services especially finding their physical fitness and eating plans that work for his clients. 

Why Do I Say 52 Years Young instead of 52 Years Old?

"Any word that someone thinks or says has made him feel in a certain way. When most people in their forties and fifties say they're this old that doesn't make their old.  I choose words to think and say that it makes me feel young and feel good.  So it makes you smile and it makes you feel so good to say I'm 52 years young and we want to try to do that. We want to get in the habit of that throughout the day and you would be amazed at how your thoughts and your words will dictate your life."

How Do I Work With My Premium Clients?

"My clients are not bodybuilders. I've had over 700 people graduate from my 12 week transformation program where I do online with people all over the world and in my brick and mortar building here in Chicago are entrepreneurs because I charged very high fees because you get a better customer, you make more money, you work less and help more people because they follow through.

My clients are busy entrepreneurs who are stressed out 40 years old, midlife crisis. The doctor says they're gaining 20 or 30 pounds because they're working so hard, 70 or 80 hours a week.  Why is health so important?  What we all want wealth, but we work 70, 80 hours a week. Really? You're working 24 hours a day as an entrepreneur you're never able to shut it off ever and you don't even sleep some nights, so it's more than 70 hours.  So we worked our butts off especially at first to get the money and then we get sick and then we got to spend our money to get our health back and a lot of people can't even do that because they buy into the like the western doctors, surgeries, medications, and that's not how you're going to get your health back to the doctors. No offence. They are generally in the sickness business and people like myself are in the health business, so I want to help entrepreneurs not to do that vicious cycle I just described.

Faith (Not Fake) It to Make It ...

"Why put out that energy that I don't believe in my product and you have to have a faith. You have to have faith.  Don't say "fake it to make it!" but "faith it to make it"  because faith makes my core field good, right?  So don't say and think words that make your core feel bad and if you are really serious about this, pay a mentor. Take the short path to where you want to go and just get there. Get the job done in one year or six months. If someone hires a mentor that's good with the technology in six months to two years, they they can create a to $300,000 a year business. If not a million dollar business. It's very possible, but you're not. You're going to waste five, 10 years if you don't take the short path."

Darin's Most Favourite Quote
"Anyone & Everyone Does Have The Power To Change... To Make The Rest of Their Life ... the Best of Their Life ..."

Want to know more about Darin? 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FatlossLifestyle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarinSteen
LinkedIn: ​https://www.linkedin.com/in/darinsteen
Email: Darin@FatlossLifestyle.com
Website: http://www.fatlosslifestyle.com/

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