Episode 047 – How did Vernon Brown Multiply Happiness In Life?

In Episode 047, Jack has invited Mr. Vernon Brown from What's Your Happi? to discuss how a person can multiply happiness in life and what roles energy plays in performance and results.

Vernon has 15 years’ experience as being a trainer and the happiness and success coach. He has proven background in his transformational lifestyle vision and mental clarity, having coached thousands of clients across the country.

What happened when Vernon turned 20?

"It dates back to when I was first born.  So about 20, I was not getting a lot of what I really wanted out of life. I was an odd duck. I was just such a shorter. I was worse than my peers. I was more overweighed than my peers and it just made it tough to fit in with everyone. It was kind of the odd and on top of that, I'm the middle child and we just didn't have a lot of money. So what that did for me was to put me in this place where happiness was not real. When I turned 20, things just clicked. I recognised that I had way more controlled in what I did when I did when I was younger. I went after the things I told that I could not have - happiness.   I just grew into myself if I'm a fan of my legs and less wounds so to speak. And so when I went to school, I initially started with animation and from there I set way into psychology and then when I got done with school, I want it to feel getting more attraction in this world."

What's Happiness actually in Vernon's terms?

"It's about understanding the way energy works ... to see more options, opportunities, possibilities and solutions. It opens you up to seeing things from such a different perspective. When I'm working with the clients, initially they seem stuck. They might not have a quite understanding of what's going on, but after two to three sessions, what happens is that they become more energised.  Happiness is not about just smiling and laughing and it's about understanding of energy.  And what that does is it bridges the gap between whatever the circumstances you might go in through the circumstance you're going through or the understanding that you have and generate from it.  And it takes you from having that singular focus on "I can't do anything" to "I have so many more options"

First step to raise Happiness

"The first step is to practice being happy. I know it sounds funny, but we don't think about it. You'll get it up and say, I can't wait to see this guy because I'm going to tell it to him or her off. And it's like, how about we practice get into the biggest check that you've had in your life."

Vernon's Most Favourite Quote
"You don't get what you want out of life, you get what you are" - Les Brown

Want to know more about Vernon? 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whatsyourhappi/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Whatsyourhappi
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/whatsyourhappi
Email: Vernon@whatsyourhappi.com
Website: http://www.whatsyourhappi.com/

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