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Episode 045 – How did Gabrielle Spencer Teach People to Shift To Purpose-driven Abundance?

In Episode 045, Jack has invited Ms. Gabrielle Spencer who is known as the “Practical Spiritualist” as she combines her 20+ years of successful corporate experience with her 10+ years of soulful business savvy to assist soul/spirit based entrepreneurs with their businesses. Her mojo is to empower visionary entrepreneurs, change makers and business owners to discover, align with and activate their true purpose, passions, and gifts, do what they love strategically, and create a lucrative business and an abundant life filled with freedom, love, wealth and happiness.

Gabrielle will share how she overcame the issue of admitting that resistance and stubbornness kept her from her passion and purpose and what happened when one is able to shift from survival driven abundance to purpose-driven abundance.  Also, what are the streamlined steps and strategies she would recommend for coaches, intuitive healers or spirit based entrepreneurs to take to get themselves out there?

I finally cracked my code

"What I finally learned was that there was higher vibrational lessons that I needed to learn within myself and I was already spiritual. I tell people I resisted my own stepping into my own power, which is really how connected within yourself. That's what it is. We can call it many things. We can call it being spiritual, finding your life purpose, your passion, all of that. It's the same thing.  I tell people when your heart says 'my heart was broken', it really is broken and they don't understand that there is an actual energetic effect of the trauma and it can be many things. In fact, you felt unsupported or unloved or betrayed all of those things but it doesn't just settle in the heart. It doesn't just affect your heart. It affects your emotional body, your spirit, many layers of yourself on an energetic and multidimensional level. So for me, this was my wakeup finally getting it."

I got this higher alignment

"Back then in my early entrepreneurial days, I was fighting the tide all the time, like I need to do this and I need to do that. Well, I spent a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of money trying to launch a business. When I finally got into this higher alignment, I don't do that anymore and I've had so much success that you're going, wow, why did I fight so hard to stay in that lower frequency?  But you do it because you don't know any other way and no one has shown you or you didn't have the epiphany about it. Right? So for me, I got the epiphany and the download for the information and I was able to do it and now you know, that's what I teach people to do because this way is so much more.'

From survival mode to abundance mode
"It's forgiveness, but it's forgiveness that just is" [Note: You are recommended to listen to Gabrielle's explanation of her forgiveness process starting at 16th minute.] 

Gabrielle's Most Favourite Quote
'The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." ~ Albert Einstein

Want to know more about Gabrielle? 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/likegabriellespencer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/samfragoza
​LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabriellespencer
Email: gabrielle@gabriellespencer.com
Website: https://gabriellespencer.com

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