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Episode 035 – How did Kenneth Choo Manage to Get Full Sponsorship For His Book “Mother Industrialist” (Part II)

In Episode 035, Jack continues his interview with Kenneth Choo - the author of Mother Industrialist based in Singapore about how Kenneth he managed to get full sponsorship for producing and publishing his book and elaborated further the motto - Mindset First and Strategy Second. Having the background in sales and the right mindset, Kenneth's success story has inspired a lot of local authors who are in fear of getting their books out.  

This entire interview will consist of 3 episodes. Episode 035 is Part II of my interview with Kenneth.

What are the fundamentals of my sales training?

"Selling is a day-to-day life. Selling is natural to us. In fact, ever since you are born as a baby, you have already known how to sell. Why? Because all the babies need is to cry, right? So when they cry, they are selling something. They want to request something. And the parent would attend to them.  So basically it's in our natural self. And as we grew up, we went to school. We studied and we need to sell ourselves to the teachers as being a good boy and even for parents, we need to be good so that we will have a bigger Christmas present. These are all natural to us, but people do not classify this as selling but it's a form of us convincing someone to buy our idea, which is the mindset. Like when we grew up into teenage and we liked this lady and we wanted to chase her. What did we need to do?  We need to groom ourselves with good hairstyle and stuff like that. We need to wear nice. We need to talk nicely. And this is a form of marketing ourselves.  We are packaging ourselves and when we approach the lady, we need to ask for the number.  We need to ask for the name.  For all these, you are already taking the first step into selling, i.e. to build relationship."

How did I manage to get "mumpreneurs" as my sponsors

"I need to interview mumpreneurs. I need content for my book. So I have to find the core people and the core people are the people  I need to get their insight of how they perfectly balance their motherhood and business. After I have all the stories and the content, and they are willing to be featured in the book, the next step is to check whether they would be interested to move a bit further to even leverage on my platform because of the value that is being given other than their own stories. There are also other mumpreneurs stories that are going to inspire the readers. And the readers are the target audiences.  The angle I shared with them is that the market is very noisy because everybody is bombarding the parents with a lot of information. But I will be doing workshops and seminars.  I'll be tying up with the parenting clubs. But for you to go to the parenting club,  you may need to spend some money.  So, what if you spend this money with me as an authority in the market?  I'm able to hold workshops, seminars and my target audiences are basically your customers.  So after they read my book, they will know that this partner with Kenneth Choo, the author of Mother Industrialist.  So if Kenneth is working with this partner, he must have trusted this partner a lot."

Why did Kenneth talk to 100 people? 

"My publisher asked me to do up a list of 100 and look at positively 5 of them.  With these 5 people, it's enough to get the book fully funded. So everything can be planned but it's always the strategy behind the mindset.  I like to use analogy like relationship - if you want a girlfriend, would you just go for one? If you go out to 100 ladies, definitely there will be one out of 100 who would say "yes". But the one who says "yes" may not be your cup of tea but it's ok.  

I always like use this analogy to share with people about sales and the mindset and it is also okay when nobody buys your idea and your vision.Just move to the next one. We have 5 million people in Singapore.  Definitely there will be 1 who will buy your idea.  Anyway, you only need 5 who really believes in your vision out of the 5 million people. It's only a matter of where you want to reach out to them.  And that also pulled me back to why I said that your investors, sponsors, advertisers can come from anybody. It is all about how you craft your proposal because a book is just a vehicle. It is how you use it"

Want to know more about Kenneth? 
Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/motherindustrialist
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindustrialist
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/authorkennethchoo
Email: kccreativem@gmail.com
Website: http://motherindustrialistbook.com

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