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Episode 034 – How did Kenneth Choo Manage to Get Full Sponsorship For His Book “Mother Industrialist” (Part I)

In Episode 034 Jack has invited Kenneth Choo - the author of Mother Industrialist based in Singapore to share with our audiences how he managed to get full sponsorship for producing and publishing his book.  Having the background in sales and the right mindset, Kenneth's success story has inspired a lot of local authors who are in fear of getting their books out.  

This entire interview will consist of 3 episodes. Episode 034 is Part I of my interview with Kenneth.

Let curiosity kill the cat

"Before I move on to share the tips, maybe let me do a short introduction and Jack is spot on. That was the approach my publisher and I have wanted to have because for a man to write a book about mothers, people would be thinking why a man has decided to write a book about mothers?  That's like the curiosity that kills the cat.  People will be curious.  And recently I did a few talks and the attendees were curious because they saw the heading "Mother Industrialist" and they scrolled all the way down to the speaker's profile and they wonder why it is a man who is writing a book about mothers.  So that is the thing and when I do my talks, my opening will be "I guess all of you must be wondering why a man is writing a book about mothers and talking about mothers creating businesses and all that."

Why Did I Decide to Write The Book - Mother Industrialist?

"I guess the timing was right.  I was a new dad.  So most of my clients are mothers and some of them started their own businesses because they want to spend more time with their children. And I was so honoured because as a new dad I know nothing about it and I get a lot of parenting tips from my mumpreneurs.  Other than tips, because they do businesses. I have clients who sell diapers, milk powders, toys, and strollers. In fact, for me, I was really lucky that I have a lot of diapers samples. Basically, a lot of my baby products were either complimentary or at great discount. So I was really lucky as a new dad, being blessed by all my mumpreneurs with their products.  And at the same time, because for me as a new dad, I do not have someone or maybe my parents who would really share with about their parenting styles.  For us as Asians, our parents hardly shared how to be a parent, and they hardly guide us. They just go by the flow. So for us as new parents, especially in this era where information is all around, where's the best place for the information, and I was lucky I'm in the place where content is there because for a magazine to be out, you need to have credible sources. You need to have specialists and professionals come in to really interview that and put all the content in the magazine. It is unlike internet where anybody can write anything or share their opinion but it may or may not be true or verified. So I was very lucky that I was in that environment, but it's quite weird I would say because for men to really talk to a client, most of them are mothers. I've been talking about "Oh, do you know there's a pre and post-natal topic we are going to talk about and in fact, we are talking about hormonal changes, mothers' thought about breastfeeding, about this and that."  So for me to approach the mothers are quite weird, but because of all the content I have and they know that I'm coming from the magazine background, this is where I'm able to break the ice and because I'm also a new dad. So it made me very vulnerable to them because people love to share, like oh, they are like experts.  Like I'm a parent and I can share with a young parent about my parent style.  So people love that and I will say my relationship with the mumpreneurs group over the years and until now we are friends on Facebook. And thanks to Facebook we watch each other's children grow up over the years." 

How did you manage to get full sponsorship for your book?

The first thing is the mindset because most people have that misconception about sales. No 1 misconception about selling something - they feel that selling is like begging someone to give them something. But what if today I have this Ferrari, and I said this car was used to be $1 million but now with $10,000 you are able to get this at all the performance.  Would you want to get that?  A lot of people would be skeptical by saying "are you sure I am able to get this Ferrari for $10,000 when it costs $1 million?" People don't believe it. So this is skepticism.  Do you believe that even if I put the car in front of you and I say that the car key is for you and you just bring me $10,000 and this car will be yours. Yet, a lot of people are skeptical which is why majority of the people who invest in the program are not succeeding and there are also people like Jack who took the leap of faith to join the program.  Yes, there's a lot of challenges but the mindset is No.1  Regardless of what happened, he will make it.  He would get the book out. read no matter what because he believed in that. The Porsche is there.  The mindset is there.  I'm going to get this out because it's not about getting the book.  It is not about writing the book. It's about getting the book out so that I will be an author who has a message I want to share with other people.  So this is the mindset basically and also the question is "Do you have something that's so valuable to offer? Do you believe in yourself first?  The belief is important and the mindset is important.  When you first joined the program, it has already shown that you have the desire and you believe that you have something to offer.  But that belief is something you feel that you are not up to it because you don't believe in yourself.  A lot of them don't believe in themselves." 

Want to know more about Kenneth? 
Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/motherindustrialist
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindustrialist
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/authorkennethchoo
Email: kccreativem@gmail.com
Website: http://motherindustrialistbook.com

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