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Episode 033 – How does one turn from Sadness to Inner Peace Using Paul Levin’s Proven Process?

In Episode 033, Jack has invited Paul Levin who is an author, speaker, blogger and mentor, and over the last few years, he has taught and enlightened his students with his proven process to help them improve their lives, including being healthy, and pain-free, communicating such that all relationships are perfect, and living from happiness and joy every moment in our life.  Paul will show us how one can turn from sadness to happiness and from happiness to inner peace in a speedily moment using the fear of selling as an example.

Why are some people happy and others not?

"In order to understand where this begins and why it begins and how it takes is actually something that is not that important because it doesn't matter how it began.  It's just what are we going to do right now."

Whose experience is more important?

'I do it through a coaching program and when I work with someone in the coaching program, it begins with core concepts. There's certain bits of knowledge and experience, so actually let me back up and just talk about that. There's knowledge on one hand, experiences in life on the other hand. I could teach and talk till I'm blue in the face and it will amount to a hill of beans because knowledge is irrelevant.  Knowledge does not change a person's life, one tiny bit. What knowledge does is it opens up the possibility that whatever it is you didn't learn might exist. Now you then experience it and it becomes real for you. So when I teach, I teach a concept and I give exercises to have the person experience the concept and there's half a dozen core principles, core concepts that we have to cover and have you experienced."

Selling is not scary

"Somebody comes back and the first thing they asked me is it any good now what happened to a bit of workshop I already take?  And it happened to be a workshop that it changed my life. So I said yes, it's very good.  It changed my life. I was able to share with them what that workshop had done for me and they handed me their credit card and said we'll sign me up and knowing how good the workshop is and knowing that I really didn't sell anything, they just handed me their credit card. And when they walked away, I was elated. I sold something - big ticket item. OMG, how did I do that? I didn't sell it. All I did was share with them my experience!" 

Making offer on stage after learning from Train the Trainer by T Harv Eker 

"One of the things that [TTT] teach is called the offer. So they're going to teach you how to make an offer.  I can't say enough, I mean this thing you could be totally an app and you just follow the script and you'll close about 30 percent of the room with whatever you're offering. So long as there is enough value there. So the thing is if you're following the teaching of this program, having learned how they do the offer, for me what it did is it changed everything about when they do an offer to me. So this part of it, I don't like being sold. I used to run out of the room and they start the offer. Now i understand the technique and the steps, for me it's as trivial as saying somebody saying, do you like another cookie? And you say, "No, thank you."  So I don't want what they're offering from the stage, at this point no reaction comes up for me. There's no emotional response. I just say "No, thank you." I'm not interested. And it's that easy. Your prospects may say that to you and that's cool and that's fine. They weren't the one who need what you want. Move on. Next."

Free report fro Paul's Website
"For everybody in the audiences, if you go to this website, there are two free reports in the upper right corner and please just click on the button, fill out the form, get the free reports, they'll change your life.  Also at the bottom of that page, there is a link to go off to my Facebook page where I have a video blog like just tonight posted episode 41, which is called win win, win.  And I'm not going to tell the story here. You've got to go listen to it of course, but it's the story of something that happened to me over the last three days that is just amazing. So it became a win win, win and win"

Paul's No.1 Quote to Share With Us
"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." ~ Wayne Dyer

Want to know more about Tom and its Leadsology? 
Facebook: https://facebook.com/IDeserveAPerfectLife.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-levin-8540862
Email: paul@IDeserveAPerfectLife.com
Website: https://paullevintrainer.com

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