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EPISODE 016 – Making a Request to Your Qualified Coaches and Mentors And Not Faked Teachers

In Episode 016, Jack continues his discussion about making a request. It’s important to know from whom you are seeking help because the truth is that not everyone is qualified to help you to solve your problems. It is a risky move to seek help from people who are employees when your problem is about entrepreneurship. It is a risky move to seek help from auditors when your problem is about taxation. After listening to this episode, you will begin to realize that coaching and mentorship, which forms an essential component in business, actually helps you make more money and have more time to pursue your dreams!

About the Author Jack HM

Jack HM Wong Is an author of his Amazon bestselling book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted. He has been featured on CBS News, Fox, ABC News and NBC News. His mission is to improve the quality of lives of over 1 million people worldwide. His message to people who are stuck in the rat race is straightforward - "Anyone can start Any Business, Anyhow, Anywhere and Anytime".

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