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EPISODE 013 – Here are the Two Reasons Why I Decided to Jump Out of the Plane to Step Into the World of Entrepreneurship

In Episode 013, Jack would like to have a conversation with your subconscious mind, i.e. why drives you to consider an entrepreneur and get out of the rat race. You’d better have strong reasons to support your decision or else chances are you will be going back to your safety net, i.e. the corporate world. Jack also discusses two reasons why he decided to jump out of the plane and become an entrepreneur.

About the Author Jack HM

Jack HM Wong Is an author of his Amazon bestselling book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted. He has been featured on CBS News, Fox, ABC News and NBC News. His mission is to improve the quality of lives of over 1 million people worldwide. His message to people who are stuck in the rat race is straightforward - "Anyone can start Any Business, Anyhow, Anywhere and Anytime".

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