Do You Use A Personal Information Manager To Organize Your Life

There are probably hundreds or thousands of different software programs that try to help you try to manage your life, give you more free time, and make you more productive. The problem is many of these software programs box you in and suck up all your time while you are managing the different things you get done.

I am very much against complicated time-management systems where you have to draw tables, list lots of tasks, and keep everything in a spreadsheet or in a software program. Instead of using a software program or a complicated system, just use four (4) daily tasks and a countdown timer.

Four daily tasks means that today you pick four simple things to do. That might be write a blog post, send an auto-responder message, get one new affiliate partner, and edit sales letter for 30-minutes. Just have four simple things, four tasks – not a to-do list, but tasks, where each of those items can be completed in one single sitting at the computer.

To make sure you complete these tasks in a timely fashion, use a countdown timer. If you are a Windows user, I use a program called Cool-Timer that will countdown or count up depending on what you want to do. If you wanted to spend 30-minutes changing around your blog, then set that timer to 30-minutes, let it countdown, and as soon as it hits zero, then you stop.

If you are not comfortable with a computer program to time you, or you don’t have a Windows computer – you can use a kitchen timer, or even use the countdown timer on your phone.

Have four things to do, and time everything you do with a countdown timer to make sure you finish it all. Don’t waste time managing the system or tracking your progress or analyzing your progress, just have four things to do every day and time those tasks so you get them completed on time.

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