Do Not Market Yourself In The How To Make Money Niche

On the internet you have a choice of many different topics to market yourself under. You can teach marriages or pregnancy, BBQ cooking, football, betting, all kinds of topics, but one topic you definitely should stay far away from is the how to make money niche.

The reason is because there are too many ‘fake it till you make it’ marketers. There’s too much hocus-pocus non specific selling and it’s hard to improve and get people to the next step in the how to make money niche.

First of all if you’re getting started and you don’t make money why would you teach other people how to make money, The only way you could come across in any believable sense is to lie which is really not a good idea to lie about a system that doesn’t work and to make money off something that you have never done. It’s way easier to choose a topic that you’re already very good at. It might be accounting or the stock markets or setting up a website, these are all more specific areas where you can easily show your expertise without trying to say you make a lot of money.

A big problem with the how to make money niche is that all of the ads for this can’t really say anything. All they can say is I have a secret system, buy it and you will get a bunch of money. The problem with that is that there are a lot of refunds and very few successes with people who actually buy products like this. You don’t want to be someone selling one of those solutions, that’s why you should stick with something that you’re good at, that you enjoy, that you can already show over and over again how good you are.

For example, are you good at outsourcing, that’s a great alternative to the how to make money niche. Can you show people how to budget or save money, then the personal finance niche is way better for you. The number one reason for staying out of the how to make money niche is that if you lie and fake it now, what will you do if you actually start making money, Then you have to make the lie bigger and bigger. Whereas if you simply tell the truth, there’s nothing to remember. If you can show me how you make money flipping houses in real estate, document what you do and your blog post, articles and products will practically write themselves.

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