Celebration Sunday – Be a TetraCloser!

How many of you do not like to sales?

How many of you hate sales and salespeople?

From my experience in working with so many trainers, speakers, coaches and consultants, even today I still receive “No” to the above questions I posted.  In fact, what’s interesting is that this group of awesome people have their positive intention and nurturing attitude to transform the lives of other people.  Yet, before they can perform the change work, they must have clients.  And before they have clients, they must be able to close sales.

Two days ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Certified TetraMap Facilitators and share with them the essence of a new program that I have come up with and I call it “Be A TetraCloser” which will be first launched in Singapore in July 2018.

One of the key focuses my partner and I have is to target people who have already gone through sales training before but somehow could not apply what they have learned and monetize their learning.  It is my experience that most of these sales training focus on imparting the information on the participants and due to the time limitation, participants were not given the opportunity to practice in the room and thus, with lack of accountability, they did not have much practice at all.  What makes the matter worst would be they may think that it’s important to sign up for another sales training, thinking that they need more advanced strategies in their toolbox before they can start selling.

What makes “Be a TetraCloser” different from other sales training is that we feel that we have to address the gap between acquiring the knowledge and applying the knowledge. Participants in “Be a TetraCloser” would not learn just the theory but a significant portion of the program would be devoted to allow them to practice by doing role-playing in the room and receive probably the feedback they don’t like to hear because it can be direct, blunt, brutal but definitely the truth.  

A successful TetraCloser with proper guidance and continuous practice would be able to perform the following:

1.    To create instant rapport with the prospects in the first 10 seconds by asking two or three strategic questions

2.    To make a killing presentation that can persuade 100% of the audiences

3.    To get a "yes" from the target audiences to invest in what is offered in the least amount of time and effort

But what is “Be a TetraCloser” not for

1.   You think you are already good in sales and earn the income you want.  This course is not for you.

2.   You know everything in sales and you don't see the need of getting more practices.  This course is not for you.

3.   You feel that there's nothing much to learn about sales.  This course is not for you.

4.   You are afraid of speaking in front of strangers or making a sales pitch.  This course is not for you.

5.   You only want to hear feedback based on what you like to hear.  This course is not for you.

6.   You think you can learn from other people in sales, presentation and closing.  Fine.  This course is not for you.

In the month of May 2018, I will provide more details about how one can make a submit the application to be part of the “Be a TetraCloser” program which will first be launched in Singapore.   No one can register for this program but the participation of this program is by invitation only.

Have fun and see you next week's Celebration Sunday.

PS :Click here to access my 5 Superstar Sales Secrets

PPS: Click here to access my 5 Business Prosperity Secrets

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