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How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make A Decent Amount Of Money Online

When you look at terms such as conversion rates or click through rate, it’s really tough to see what a hundred clicks really means. And, that is why you need to measure your statistics and figure out what your sales letter converts at, and what your opt-in converts at.

When your sales letter converts at a certain percentage, that means that the percentage that comes to your sales letter buys. If you have a 2% conversion rate, for every 100 sales letter visitors, two of them buy. If you have an opt-in page in front of your sales letter and it converts at 50%. That means that’s if two people show up, one of them signs up. And, now you can have fun and figure out how much money 100 visitors or 1,000 visitors will get you if you know all your numbers.

Let’s say that you had a thousand visitors, you are sending them to a 50% converting opt-in page, at 2% converting sales letter for a product that you sold for $100 dollars. How much money would that be, If you sent 1,000 visitors to a 50% converting opt-in page, this would be 500 prospects or subscribers looking at your sales letter. And, if over the lifetime of that sales letter if people look at it right away or come back from follow-ups, 2% of them buy. Two percent of 500 people buy. That means you have 10 buyers.

If you have ten buyers at $100 dollars, that means you now can expect to get $1,000 dollars from 1,000 visitors or in other words, one dollar per click. And, what that means is that if you are paying for traffic, you could pay fifty cents per click and double your money. If you are paying people for opt-ins, you can pay fifty cents for every opt-in subscriber. It’s very important to figure out these numbers because not all traffic is equal. Different people have different list sizes, those subscribers might have different relationship with the list owner, and even them subscribers might be trained for a certain price.

That means that you might be used to a 2% converting sales letter from your own traffic but if somebody mails for your offer and their subscribers are only used to paying $10 dollars, it might not convert at all and you’ll not have the same type of buyers from your list as from someone else’s list. But it does give you a good estimate, especially if you have new subscribers to tell if this new batch is as responsive as your existing subscribers. If you get opt-ins from a particular message board, are those ones really clicking and buying, And, if not you need to retrain those brand new email subscribers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Or Pay Per Click (PPC) Explained

You want to get as many people as possible from other parts of the Internet back to your site. And, you may of heard terms such as SEO and PPC used to get traffic to your site right away. What are they,

SEO which stands for search engine optimization is basically free traffic from the search engines. What happens is sites such as Google and Bing. Look at your site and index it, that if you have a blog post about sail boats and someone searches the term “sailboats” in a search engine. Your site might appear in that listing. This costs nothing but it’s mostly based on chance. If you get lucky, you could rank highly for a particular search term but next week or next month you could be moved around in the search results. One week you might be #5 in the ranking, #1 in the search result and next week #50. I look at free SEO search engine traffic as extra traffic as a bonus on top of what I’m doing to get people back to my site.

Then on the other extreme, there is PPC or pay per click traffic. This is where you set up an account with an ad network, you make an ad, you figure out what site to promote, and you decide what keywords you want to bid on and what price you’ll pay per click for each of those keywords. But it’s very hard to keep consistent because you can spend several hours every day getting an ad right, getting an campaign to send you constant clicks but someone else comes in, does the same thing and bumps you out of your place.

There’s also lots of strange rules and you have to get your cost per click, your bid, your keywords, and your ad right in order to get decent traffic. There are a lot of factors involved and on top of that, you need to worry about the conversion rate on your landing page to make sure that for every dollar that you spend on pay per click, you get a dollar and ten cents back out of it. It’s very difficult and very hard to set up and keep consistent.

What do you do instead if SEO is extra traffic and PPC is too hard, What you do is get traffic in the usual ways forums, articles, and affiliates. Make as much traffic as possible. Go to a forced opt-in page that you can get people on your mailing list and after they sign up for something such as a free gift. You after send them to a sales letter but because they’re on your list, you keep sending out autoresponder emails. If even they didn’t buy yet, you can still build the relationship and keep making connections, and keep finding more people to promote you over time.

Where You Can Buy Traffic

It is possible to pay for people to come to your site, whether that site is an opt-in page or a sales letter. But you can recycle some of the profit you make from your membership sites or importing videos and put that back into getting more and more people to your site. But I don’t recommend you use pay per click and there in fact more creative ways to get people to your site then the commonly thought of methods of pay per click and renting your list.

Number one, buy a signature link. A really great way to get a link back to your site is from forum posting. If you have 3,000 posts on a message board, that means you can have 3,000 links coming back to your site. But the problem is it takes weeks, months, or years to build up that much content on a message board. And, if you can find a message board that’s related to your niche, allow signature links and there is someone there who has tons of posts but is not using a signature link. You can pay them a monthly fee to have a link under their name. Try offering $20 dollars or $3 dollars and see what their counter offer is. Go to someone’s blog.

Number two, blog link. It also can’t hurt to sign someone up as your affiliate, give them a link or graphic and see if they go place it on their blog. If they say no, you can still pay them a monthly fee and have that link back to your website.

Number three, placement ad. Many ad networks including blog networks, Google Adwords or Chitika will allow you to target your campaign to one particular website. That means you can run ads but only on one single blog if that person is showing Adsense or Chitika ads. That way they have to show your ad on every page of their site because you’re paying for those particular ads.

Number four, buy solo mailing from a list owner. A really old school way of getting traffic that works or doesn’t work depending on who promotes is a solo ad. Here’s what you do, you pay the owner of a list, something such as $100 dollars to copy and paste an email from you. And, that email will promote one of your offers. The person sends it to the entire list and hopefully you track it to see how well it converts. The problem with this is that you need to run a solo ad on a mailing list with a decent size that has a good relationship built up, that isn’t sending tons of solo ads to begin with.

That means that you need to neogiate with the list owner who might necessarily not always run these solo ads, and figure out if some price will work or if they’ll instead promote as an affiliate. But don’t buy pay per click ads because you end up wasting a lot of money and they have strange rules. Don’t rent a list because this will get you reported for spam and most of the leads are not very good. Don’t buy Tweets because that’s a waste of money and don’t link exchange with anyone else because that’s a practice of sending junk traffic all around the Internet. Instead of using those methods, be more creative and buy signature ads on message boards or text ads, on blogs and consider buying a mailing from a list owner.

What Does It Mean To Have A High Traffic Site,

You have a website or you’re thinking about creating one and you hear it’s a good thing to have a high traffic site. What does that mean, Traffic means that you have a lot of eyeballs or people coming to your site. If you have ten visitors on your site, those are 10 individual people around the world who have come to your website and are viewing your opt-in page, your sales letter, your forum, your website.

People might call these terms visitors or clicks, or hits but it means the number of people coming to your site. And, you might only get 10 clicks or 10 visitors a day which is fine as long as you are sending people to the right place. It’s okay to have ten visitors a day if your sales letter converts to 10% because that means you get one sale a day from that webpage.

It’s okay to have ten visitors a day if your opt-in page converts at 50% because that means you’re adding five email subscribers to your list every single day from that one particular webpage. And, you need lots of traffic, lots of those visitors because that means you get more email opt-ins to your list. Which means more sales once you promote offers to that link, and that means you can keep sending more and more traffic. Your list gets bigger and bigger and your traffic gets bigger and bigger because you’re saving that in your email list.

And, it’s easy to tell if you’re doing the right thing if you launch a new offer and you have a big list, you can quickly see how well it converts and what needs changing. If you have a split test going, the split test will complete sooner and you can tell if changing the headline or changing the offer made a difference. But no matter how much traffic you have, whether it’s none or small amount or decent amount, you always need consistent traffic. Otherwise your money is basically going to dry up. Your list will stop building, people will stop clicking, and people will stop buying.

You always need to be thinking about how can I get more sales today and how can I get more people on my email list today. That might mean send out another message to your autoresponder, write a new article, make a new forum post, make a new guest blog post, get someone else to promote you whatever it is you need to have traffic coming to your site whether you call them clicks, hits or visitors.

Should You Concentrate On Social Media To Bring In Visitors Or Use Traditional Methods For Internet Traffic,

It seems as if every few months there is some new social network coming out of nowhere and a lot of people spend tons of time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Not just building the site and participating with the community but trying to get some of that community back to their site. But do sites such as Twitter and Facebook bring in as many visitors as locations such as forums or blogs, or other people’s mailing lists, And, is it worth the time putting into it, And, my answer to that is you need to measure your results.

For awile, I used to spend lots and lots of time on Twitter and less time promoting on forums, and I noticed that I only had about 5% of my visitor traffic on my blog, on my opt-in pages, and on my sales letter come from Twitter. That means that I only should of been spending 5% of my time marketing on Twitter. Your results might vary but you really need to make sure that you see where your visitors come from, and if only a certain percentage comes from a certain site you should only spend that percentage of your day marketing to that site.

The other thing to keep in mind is that social media is very different than marketing on other sites. In that, you have to build up more of a relationship. If you see someone in a blog comment or in a forum, you might never talk to them again. But sites such as Twitter and Facebook, you always see their status updates or they post on your wall, or you post on theirs. There is a fair amount of a relationship building which might make it a little more difficult to track. But you can’t go into a social networking site and think that you can spam a bunch of links and get traffic back. It is a lot more slow going and a lot more difficult to see results right away.

But it is a small boost and if your other methods of traffic such as articles, forums, affiliates and so on aren’t bringing you in consistent results and they’re on autopilot, try spending some of your time on these additional traffic boosts such as social media.

Test And Track Your Traffic Using These Three Tools

When you test and track your website, you can find out where you’re best customers are coming from and what changes you should make. When you track, you can examine these factors and when you test you can try to change some of these factors. Tracking means you look at where the traffic is coming from and testing means you’re changing what’s on your page once they arrive.

To track, use Google Analytics. You sign up with Google Analytics, you paste a small block of code on your site and now you can see how many people come to your site, where they come from, and what they do on your page. You can also use AWStats which is a free tool inside of the cpanel backends in your webhost.

You test your site and with this you use Google Website Optimizer. What you do here is set up two versions of your opt-in page. Version A might have one headline. Version B will have a different headline and Google Website Optimizer will make sure to send half of the traffic to page A, half of the traffic to page B, and figure out which one of those made more people sign up. And if there is even a small improvement, for example, if one page makes ten out of every 100 people sign up and the other page makes 15 out of every 100 people sign up.

That might be significant enough to keep the changes and now if thousands of people happen to sign up on that opt-in page over time, that amounts to a large number of subscribers, and once you have a winner you can repeat and test it against a different headline. And, that ‘s how you test and track. Use Google Analytics and AWStats to find your traffic sources and Google Website Optimizer to improve your webpage conversion.

Use Forums And Blogs To Get Easy Long-Term Traffic

You can try all the latest greatest traffic fads that you want but forums and blogs will get you visitors to your site over and over forever. A forum is a message board where people go to start conversations and reply to them, and a blog is a journal where one person adds posts to a website and the visitors can come and leave comments. But they are both sites that are regarded highly in the search engines and contain lots of content which means that many of them are high traffic sites.

Lots of people are on these sites at any given time. If you can have even a few links from those sites to yours, you can capture a small piece of a very big pie. The easy way to get a link to your site is from a forum and not all forums are created equally. But the good ones allow you to place a signature link underneath every post you make. What happens is you register for an account at a forum that you can add to the discussion. You find people asking questions or speaking about subjects that you know about, and you help.

You answer questions, you give advice. You are not there to promote yourself. You simply add to the discussion. After you make about 25 of these posts which might take a day or two, it’s time to edit your profile. And, many of these forums will allow you to place a bit of text or a text link underneath every single post you make on that forum or message board. And, if you go to a forum and you see that a lot of people have this link under their name, it’s a good place to sign up and start talking because now you have a extra link back to your site for every message you have left there.

If you have 50 posts, that is 50 links back to your site. You can have a signature link. You can place a special offer if the forum allows it and if the forum has Chitika or Adsense ads, you can run a ad campaign and target that specific site that every page of that site links back to you. Blogs are slightly different. With a blog, one person posts, many people comments and there are a few ways to get links to your site. Many people wrongly believe that having a link from a blog is not worth it because it is usually a nofollow link. Meaning that search engines are told not to count it and increase the ranking if a good site links to it but that doesn’t matter because we’re trying to get regular human visitors on a blog to click back to us.

And, that means that if you leave a blog comment and type in your url with the comment, every comment that you leave means a link back to your site. Fifty comments means fifty links. You can write a blog post and submit it to that blog owner as a guest blog post, and at the bottom have an “about the author” box and link back to your site. You can give them banner ads or a site target, their domain name if they have an adsense ad. But that’s how to get links back and traffic from forums and blogs.

The bottom line is that you should be sending your traffic back to some kind of an opt-in page, and look at how much of that traffic comes from a particular site. If you see that you get a lot of clicks, opt-ins and sales from a particular message board or blog, repeat it. It means go back and devote more time to posting on that forum or blog because that brings you in some subscribers and money.

Single Opt-In Or Double Opt-In: Which Is Better For Listing Building And Email Marketing,

When you set up your signup form for your autoresponder, you usually have a choice of single opt-in which is also called unconfirmed opt-in and double opt-in which is also called confirmed opt-in. Let’s make sure you understand the difference and you know which one you should use.

Single opt-in means there is no confirmation email. Someone comes to you to your webpage, you offer them a free gift. They type in their name and email address, and their immediately redirected to that free gift. And, they are also immediately placed on your email subscriber list. The problem with this is that any person can type in any email address and that person will be added to your list but someone was playing a joke and adding someone else to your autoresponder.

The alternative is double opt-in which is where someone needs to confirm to receive the gift. They come to your site, they see they want the gift. They type in their first name, their email address, they click send but instead of receiving the gift right away they are shown a message that says to check their email inbox for a confirmation link. They go to their email program, they get the mail. They see that message and they have to click on a very special link to get redirected to the gift. And now, and only now are they placed on your list of email subscribers.

The advantage to this is that you have a cleaner list and you can prove basically that anyone who chose to join actually does have control over that email account. But the problem with this is that it’s a very confusing process for someone to take. Before they filled in a form and clicked the gift, now they fill in the form, check their email, click a link and finally, collect the gift and there are many places where you could lose them. They might not think to check their email. They might check their email and the confirmation message does not appear right away.

A number of things can happen but either way you should give people something to do while they wait. Which means that if you have a single opt-in and unconfirmed process, give them the download gift but afterwards send them to your sales letter where they can possibly buy something. If you have a double opt-in, instead of showing them the usual “check your email and confirm your opt-in message,” send them to your sales letter with a box at the top saying “Check your email to confirm your subscription.” That way they always end up no matter what at your sales letter, there is no dead end.

Now comes the question, should you use single unconfirmed opt-in or double confirmed opt-in, And, the answer is use single opt-in whenever possible because it’s easier on your subscribers and you’ll build a list faster that way. Remember that most autoresponders will handle email bounces which means if someone types in a fake email address, it would automatically remove that. And, all emails come with an unsubscribe link and keeps a record of the IP address and location where someone joined your list. That way even if someone places a spam complaint, you can prove that someone somewhere joined your list.

What Is A Forced Opt-In Page, Why Do You Need One, And How You Can Set It Up In The Next Few Minutes,

If you don’t yet have an email responder service to build a list of email subscribers, you need to sign up for an account right away but getting an account is not enough. You need to also set-up a signup form but if you place a signup form on any old webpage, the average person is not going to know to fill in their information unless they really want to hear from you again.

Let’s make it as easy as possible and create a full forced opt-in page which is a page where there’s nothing else people can do other than to sign up for your mailing list, and that’s it. There are no links to say “no thanks.” There are no links to other sites. There is nothing someone can do on this page but sign up for your mailing list and collect a free gift.

To make your forced opt-in page convert a little bit better, you can create several of them and welcome particular visitors from a certain traffic source. If you have Joe Smith as one of your affiliates, you can have that opt-in page say, “Welcome Joe Smith Subscribers.” If you’re promoting on a real estate forum, you can have that particular landing page say, “Welcome Real Estate Forum Visitors.” But it helps to customize your offer based on how people ended up on your landing page or forced opt-in page.

And, all that’s left is to promote that gift at the forum you want, from your blog or on someone else’s site. But not only do you need to have an autoresponder account set-up and you create a form and put it on a webpage, but also promote this on forums, blogs or othere websites.

Build A Responsive Buyers List With These Three Components

If you really want to have a list of subscribers in your autoresponders that are eager to get your messages, who read what you say, click on what you tell them to go to, and buy. You need to have a list of buyers. Having that freebie list built from forced opt-in pages and blog opt-in pages are great but nothing beats a buyers list.

To build this kind of list, you need to have a list from the right crowd. Make sure people sign up or opt-in after purchase, introduce yourself, and tell them about your other offers. It’s one thing to send traffic to a forced opt-in page where there’s nothing for sale, where they only have to their name and email address.

But it’s another thing to send people to your site, have them buy the first time they see your sales letter, and get them to opt-in afterwards. And, a really great source of traffic for this is from message boards or forums because you can contribute lots of good information, get people to know they can trust you, by that time they click over to your they know you and they are ready to buy, and now you’ve built a new subscriber from that buyer.

The same thing could be true on Facebook or Twitter if you do enough one-on-one interaction. Now, the easy way to build a list of buyers is to get people to buy and place an email opt-in form on your download page. Somebody clicked, they bought, they downloaded now they are signing up for updates and depending on your autoresponder and payment processor, for example, Aweber and PayPal. You can set things up so that when somebody pays you money, they are automatically subscribed to your mailing list.

And, now you have these ultra qualified buyers who you can use to get testimonials from, get feedback or even tell them about your future offers. But you can’t do that unless you send them messages to those buyers. Make sure as soon as they get on this buyers list, you introduce yourself. You tell them who you are. You tell them how they can get to that download and what other kinds of things you offer and over time, promote your other offers and explain why because they bought this product. Product number two is perfect for them as well.


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