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Celebration Sunday – You Deserve More, Don’t You?

You will notice that this edition of Celebration Sunday was only prepared on Monday morning, 23 April 2018.  The reason is that I was involved in some change work in Johor Bahru, Malaysia over the last weekend. 

And what happened over the weekend is that people in this event were able to gain further insight about their purpose of life, their mission and their vision, and how they can make a difference to other people in their circle.  It sounds good, doesn't it? 

Well, let's take this discussion deeper.  How many of you are overwhelmed with lots of stuff on your plate?  How many of you are juggling with assignments, projects and other matters every single day?  How many of you cannot breathe normally because you seem to be playing a catch up?  From my experience, when one is so busy with his/her life, and given the fact that we all have only 24 hours a day, I wonder whether one ever spends anytime working on him/herself to uncover self-worthiness.  

The traditional school education has produced continuously an army of slaves who are experts in following instructions.  And this is why when these people enter into the job market, their values are dictated by how much their bosses pay them.  Having been doing change work for more than 10 years, I realise that there is still a substantial group of people who have self-doubt and lack of confidence or self-esteem.  So, what's the problem?  Well, how many of you notice that you cannot earn what you want to earn until you decide to raise your price.  And the truth is that in order to raise your price, you have to add even more values to other people's lives.  But when you don't see yourself worth that much, this is why you cannot make the money you deserve to have.  Does this make sense?

I did an episode in my podcast show last year (Episode 10) where I discussed how one can raise the price of his products or services using a very simple method.

Click here to listen to this episode:

You may gain some insights how you can deserve more.  As my mentor, Mack Newton, says, our results can never exceed our self-concepts.  So if you want to earn more, you have to increase your self-worth.  

I am passionate about helping more coaches and consultants to discover their self-worthiness and become successful and highly-paid coaches and consultants.  So, here is what I am pleased to share with you that I am in the process of working on a new podcast show (I have yet to finalise the title to the show) who are dedicated to helping coaches and consultants to do more, have more premium clients, sell and close more premium services etc.  When it's the right time, i will make further announcement on this.  I know "speed of implementation" is important.  Yet, I want to have sometime to consolidate my thoughts on the first 10 episodes of this new podcast show.  It's how I started my Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Podcast show anyway in 2017.  

Have fun this week and I will see you next week in another edition of my Celebration Sunday.

PS :Click here to access my 5 Superstar Sales Secrets

PPS: Click here to access my 5 Business Prosperity Secrets

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Is Your Niche Too Broad Or Narrow,

When you were deciding on what the topic of your website and your marketing is going to be, you always have that danger of choosing something that is either too broad or too specific and there is no clear cut formula to figure out if your niche is specific enough or not specific enough.

But you do know that your niche is not specific enough if your solution doesn’t write itself. And what I mean by that is if you decide that your niche is going to be weight loss then what product would you make it in weight loss. It’s not immediately clear. But if your niche was weight loss from running, then it’s pretty clear that the topic you would make would be possibly a 30 day video course about how to train for running and how to lose weight by running or jogging or doing those kinds of exercises, but it’s not as general as weight loss.

If you decided your niche was writing, well then what product would you make about writing, It’s suddenly not very specific but what if the topic was article writing as a freelancer, Now you know that the product you are going to make is how to get work as a freelance article writer.

On the other hand, you might make it a little too narrow. And you know that a niche is too narrow if no-one is looking for that information. Many people probably are Google searching or asking on forums or looking on your blog for how to lose weight from running or how to become a freelance article writer. But if you can’t find anyone looking for someone to write a legal contract for buying 1850s antiques then that is definitely a niche that is too specific. Someone who is experienced with buying and selling antique items, that might be a niche, but narrowing yourself down so much that no-one is looking for it and no-one else is selling that solution means that it is too narrow.

So how do you know that the niche you’ve decided on is just right, The big give-away on this is if you can easily think of a ‘how to’ product. In other words, a product that starts people at one position and takes them step by step to the end. If it was freelance article writing, then the step by step is first of all someone needs to decide what kind of article writer they will be, then figure out how to bid on jobs, then take a job, then write the articles and figure out how to get paid. That is an easy step by step process and you can justify why others would pay for this information because you can show how writing a certain number of articles can get you a job that pays a certain number of dollars which means that that is now worth the price of the course.

And that’s how you choose if a niche is too broad or too narrow. Does the solution write itself, In other words if you think of the topic can you immediately think of what your information will teach, Do people actually want this information and do you have competitors selling it and is this a ‘how to’ step by step subject,

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