What Is Drip Content And Why Do You Need It?

When you have membership sites, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for people to pay you on a recurring basis and be able to get all of the downloadable items all at once. I have been in a few membership sites where I pay a monthly fee but as soon as I joined I had access to the previous several years-worth of content, and what happened was I was overwhelmed, I was confused and I definitely did not consume everything inside of those membership sites.

But you can be different. You can structure your membership site with Drip Content and make it more like a course. Somebody pays you a monthly fee, they joined and they get access to the first week or two of content. If they stay in for another few weeks or another few months they get access to even more videos and downloadable items over time. In this way, when people join, they can see what’s coming up, what was just delivered, and it’s all hand-fed to them over a link of time so that it makes sense because the more they pay the more access they get to the information.

If you have a recurring payment plan kind of site where somebody might pay you once a month for five or six months and then stop, this makes sense as well because someone joins, they pay for just the first month, they get just the first month of content, when they pay for the second month, they also get the second month worth of content and so on all the way until they get to the end. And I have even used Drip Content on single payment membership sites. Someone can pay you one time, for example $50 and get access to a few videos but the longer they wait around the more videos they get at no extra charge. The bonuses are dripped out and they can make sense of the first few videos and when it’s time to move on to the next step they get access to the next few videos. And that’s all Drip Content really is. Someone joins your site now, they get some content, then after a few days or weeks they get more content whether they pay for it or don’t pay for it depending on how you set it up.

What Is A Membership Site?

You might have become confused hearing different people’s explanations of what a membership site is. A membership site doesn’t necessarily mean a recurring or continuity income stream. It is just a protected download area.

A membership site is a more advanced version of a download page. Somebody sees your site, they choose to click on the payment button and pay you money, but after they check-out for their purchase, they are sent to a registration page where they can fill out their very own unique username and password. What this means is that every single person who buys from you has their own unique log-in details, their own unique username and password to get back to your membership site later. This means it is fully protected against people who try to find a download file. It means that if someone loses their details, they can use the lost, password functionality to get it back and best of all, if someone cancels or refunds from your membership site, then their account is locked and they can no longer get access to your site.

Another cool thing about membership sites is you can host different items for download in the same membership site. Somebody could purchase product number one, and log-in to your membership site, download it, then purchase product number two and log-in to the same site with the same details and now see both items they just paid for.

The thing to remember the most is that a membership site is not necessarily something where you collect a monthly fee. It can be a site where you take money one single time, or it can be a site that is completely free but it’s just a protected download area that is only open to people who are supposed to get access to that download.

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The Top Three Free Plug-ins To Use Inside Your Membership Site

The best membership software runs on top of the WordPress, but the problem with the WordPress is, it has thousands and thousands of plug-ins and it’s difficult to choose which ones you should add to your site. That’s why the top three plug-ins I use in my membership sites are the Subscribe to Comment plug-in, the Category Post plug-in, and the WP Audio Player plug-in.

First of all, the Subscribe to Comments plug-in is very useful because you can have posts in your membership site and people can come and leave comments under those posts to add to the discussion or ask questions, but the problem is, many people will log-in, leave a comment, and leave never to return, and if they do return, they have come back too late and the discussion is over. But, Subscribe to Comments changes that. If you leave a comment under someone’s post, and another member comes back and replies to that comment, then you will receive an e-mail. Then if a third person comes in and leaves a comment, then both of you will receive e-mails, and so on. Basically, every person who has left a comment under a particular post gets updates anytime anyone leaves a comment under them. It’s great for keeping the discussion on the membership site going without you having to do any extra work.

The Category Post Widget plug-in allows you to add a listing of all of the posts in a specific category on your side bar. What I’d like to do is add a section on my side bar for every category of my site and what that means is that every single post is listed on my side bar but they are all grouped by category. And that means that someone can see a listing of all the video posts, all the audio posts, all the beginner posts, all the advanced posts, and jump to any particular piece of content within the membership site.

And finally, the WP Audio Player plug-in makes it very easy to add audio to your website. For many people, video is too complicated or too scary, but audio is a good first step because audio doesn’t require writing and doesn’t require a lot of preparations. You simply start talking and that is your recording. And many people can get the majority of what you get in a video or an article with an audio, and you can still get the audio transcribed later. That’s why I like the WP Audio Player plug-in, I’ll record mp3 files as content for a membership site, upload it, and the player makes the audio available right there on the page.

So, the top plug-ins you should use in a membership site that you can get for free are the Subscribe to Comments plug-in for discussion, the Category Post plug-in for navigation, and the WP Audio Player plug-in for multi-media.

How To Connect A Sales Letter, Payment Button And Download Page To Deliver Your Digital Products Automatically,

The nice thing about the internet is that you can automate so much of what you do. If you have a digital report which could be a simple PDF file for sale. People can pay you and can get access to this report instantly even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. You can do this with three components, a sales letter, a payment button and a download page.

A sales letter is usually the first page or index.html file of your website and you explain what someone is about to purchase. At the bottom of the webpage you add what is called a payment button. I personally use PayPal as my payment button, what you can do is log in once you’re having an account, go to merchant services and create a new buy now button. Then you’ll be sent to a form where you can fill in the name of your product, the price, the cancellation page, which means if someone’s about to buy and they cancel. It’s in the back to the front page of your side and finally a thank you page.

You might name the park name “simple word press secrets” priced a fee $7 cancellation page will be the front page of your site and the thank you page will be yoursite/thankyou5678.html, once you fill in that form, it would generate a button for you, and it’s simply a copy and paste chunk of code that you can grab and paste on your sales letter, paste on that index.html file. If you don’t know how to do this then give this code to your webmaster.

And then we have to setup the download page! Remember how when we created the button we said that after purchase someone would be redirected to download5678.html. That means that we would make a new page with that name and place the PDF link or video code on that exact page and there you have it. You have a sales letter, you have a download page and you have a PayPal button which paste on that sales letter and after someone pays you money they are redirected to that download page.

How To Hide And Secure Your Digital Product Delivery Download Page

Your prospects come to your website, they decide to purchase from you, they click the buy button and are sent possibly to PayPal, they pay, they check out and they are sent back to your download page to get the product. How can you make sure that only people who see this download page are people who actually pay, There are a few thing you can do to make sure that only people who see your download page are the people who buy and anyone who does not bought, does not have the access to it. First of all add the “no archives” and “no index” med-tags to your download page. You can do the search and figure out the exact code to add make sure that the search engines do not pick it up. Next thing you can do is name you download page something hard to guess, may be “download5587g1.html”, chances are someone might try to get to download.html or thanks.html but not that big long name. In addition you can also rename this download page every week or every month, just to make sure that if someone does end up on that download page, they won’t have access to it for very long.

And above all the best thing you can do to secure your download pages is to not have a download page at all and is to put your product delivery inside of a membership site. But a download page is a perfectly good way to offer a digital product for download and consumption and is a good start towards making up a first few sales and to already, set it all up inside of a membership site.

Reduce Refunds Today By Setting Up Your Download Page Properly

I want to share with you a few quick items to make sure you place on your download page to reduce refunds and keep your buyers happy. A download page is where you deliver a video or port that your customer just pays for. They might have just pay through PayPal, or CLICKBANK or one shopping cart but they were on your site, they left your site to pay and now they are back and it’s time to deliver their download.

You might have the download link and given them typical instructions but we want to make sure, first of all, that they know who you are. So place your contact information on your download page, preferably on every page to your site, so that people know what email address to leave a email on, may be even add a phone number which they can call and get a voice mail and leave you a message there to tell you if the order incomplete, or whether they aren’t just sure whether you respond, or for whatever reason they were not able to get the download, you need to know about it. And it’s better if you find out about it by an email than simply if they charge back the purchase, number one, add your contact information.

Also stay what name will appear on their credit card statement. You can find this out by logging in to your PayPal or CLICKBANK or your Merchant account. If you still cannot find it, email the company that handles your payment delivery and find out what appear on somebody’s credit card statement after they buy from you. Tell them what will appear on their credit card statement and also the exact dollar amount they were just charged. So that when that bill comes later on, they are sure this is the thing I bought and they don’t negotiate refund or charge back.

And one final optional step that you can take to make sure you reduce refunds is telling them what extra bonuses are coming. And this is very easy, just set up a second hidden download page then extra bonus and schedule that link to that download page to be sent out seven days from now after they buy. And that will go a long way towards reducing refunds. On the internet most people who are your buyers are good, so by providing contact information, telling them what will appear on their credit card statement, and telling them what bonus are coming up, will help them reduce the confusion of your customers and at the same time, reduce your refund rate.

Avoid These Common Mistakes On Your Download Pages

Most people do not put too much thought into the download page. It’s just a place where you deliver the product. Someone already came to your site. They already decided they want to purchase an offer. They already paid you money and they were sent to this page to collect their product. Seems simple, right…, It actually is, as long as you make sure to avoid potential pitfalls. Don’t hide your download link from other people. Test your download link and put it into its own zip file. And if you have many different pieces and many different links on your download page, provide an “all in one” download.

When someone has paid you, the most important thing to them right now is to get access to the item you promised. That could be the video, that could be the report but we don’t want to hide what they came for. That means to center the text that says, “Download your report here.” Put it in huge letters. May be even draw an arrow point toward or have the words that say “Right click the report above, to save your report right now. If you have a video for sale, make the video automatically played as soon as someone comes to that download page, but make it super obvious and super simple that here is the thing you just pay for, here is how to get it.

A really important thing you should do is, pretend to be your own buyer or have a friend buy from your webpage just to see what experience they go through. You would be surprised because some payment processors take a long time to process the order, or you might have misnamed a file, so when somebody pays you, they don’t end up on a download page. May be they do end up on a download page but you’ve misnamed the zip-file, so you know, they see the thank you message, they can’t actually download the thing they actually pay you for. It seems obvious but it will really help you out if you have somebody pretend to be a buyer, buy from you and make sure everything is ok. And that also includes downloading a file! Because you might have included a corrupt zip file or the download process might be too involved. Just imagine if you had 16 parts video training course, you might think that it’s a good idea to put each video in its own individual zip file. Well, that means that when somebody buys from you, they have to save 16 different things one after another. Not very fun, right… But what if you offered all 16 pieces, on their own, plus an all in one, giant, zip file. That way they could save first couple of videos, and start watching them, but while they are watching those first few, download the entire package at once. And those are some easy things you can look for adjust on your download page to make sure that your customers are happy with the purchase they just made, so that they will continue to read your emails and look for promotions and buy from you again, at the same time produce the customer support you have to deal with.

Make Money From Other People’s Download Pages With These Little Known Techniques

It’s true that a lot of marketers leave money on the table by offering something for sale while in the download and not rolling any other offers. This might be true but this can also be true with people you know, and that’s how you can monetize the download pages of your friends, your affiliates and even your competitors.

First of all it can’t hurt just to send a quick email and ask if your affiliate link to your product is a good match for their download page may be you just buy from that person, you notice that may be on the download page they don’t have an up sell. As if they are going to sign up for your affiliate program and place that special link on their download page. That way someone would come to their site, buy from them, and on the download page, they link to your offer, and if they buy from you that original product seller will get the commission plus you get that extra sale and extra lead as well. If you have an email auto responder that allows for affiliate tagging you can place your opt in form, your email sign in form on someone else’ download page. What this does is it allows new people to sign up for your list and if it ends up leading to a sale you’ll credit that person who referred that subscriber to your list. That means that someone will buy from your competitor, on their download page they’ll see your email form with some kind of free gift or other offer and if and when they buy from you, you get the sale and that competitor gets the commission, even though the subscriber might have taken weeks or months to buy.

And finally, if you are getting trouble for someone to agree to place a link to their download page try offering them a small monthly fee on top of an affiliate commission that you are providing because any extra sale from this joint venture is a potential buying in the future. So even if you break even on the sale of the original product it does not cost you anything. That means you might have to offer 100% commission, if the product is $20 and someone just for sale, may be that person gets all $20, may be you offer a monthly fee and 50% commission, which means that, that person gets $10 for sale, but regardless of the sales or not, you pay them $20 just to have your link on their download page. This might seem a waste of money at first but, no new sales is coming in without affiliate id, stop paying them the monthly fee and they can remove the link if they want because that has not been shown to be a venture that makes sales.

Monetize other people’s download pages with an affiliate link, with an “opt in” box or a crazy offer such as 100% commission, or a monthly fee plus an affiliate link.

Three Easy Ways To Monetize Your Download Page Finally Revealed

However someone pays you money online, they are automatically redirected to your download page. This is great because the delivery of your digital product is automated and action of them paying you is automated as well. It’s an auto-pilot system. But there are always ways we can change things around and get a little more money out of every transaction by adding a little something to our download page. If all you are doing is delivering a link or download on that page, you’re missing out some extra sales that you could have had. You can link to another product. You can add a banner ad to an affiliate product or just deliver a follow up sequence after they download.

It’s very simple to link another product or an affiliate product as soon as someone buys from you. You might just have one e-book or one report or one video for sale and that’s fine. Do a search for your affiliate. Go on Google, type in your niche and the word affiliate, or search the CLICKBANK marketplace, or contact any of your friends, see if they offer an affiliate or referral program where you can send your buyers to them and if they buy the other product, you get a commission.

If you have another related report or video, it can’t hurt to introduce your buyers to this. There’s nothing wrong in asking for a second sale. So, if someone just bought from you today, prove your buyer so they are not going to get offended if you try to help them out even more. You can easily link to either one of your product or an affiliate product. And what’s great about these affiliate products is, they have a product called affiliate centers, where they will supply you with things such as graphics, or banner ads to place on your blog or on your download pages. To take advantage of them, grab one of these banner ads, and make it a link to this other person’s product as an affiliate link. It will look more official than a simple text link. And finally, some of these affiliate centers also provide you with simple copy and paste emails to your blog post, to send to your subscribers. Just take these and place them on your auto-responder sequence for people who have already bought from you. This way you can get people to buy from you the first time. Out of the year they are proven buyer then, convert on someone else’s offers. Monetize your download page by linking to another product or affiliate products, add a banner ad or set up a follow-up sequence for the buyers after they download.

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