Membership Site Or Download Page,

When you are setting up the digital delivery of your product, you can either set up the membership site or a download page. How do you know which is right for you,

Download page is the quick and easy solution. If you want something to setup in next few minutes and it’s a temporary page if you haven’t made a few sales of your product yet, but a download page is a good starting point to link to a video or downloadable materials that someone just bought from you. The sequence is, they see your sales letter. They click on payment button, and after they have pay they are sent to your download page. Where you then say thanks for your order and you link to whatever zip file they need to download or play or whatever video they should be seeing. It’s easy to setup but it’s tough to update. Because if you want to improve your product you have to go back, upload a few file, change the link, and notify your buyers of the new change. It’s also tough to drip content out. On few of my site I like to set things up where somebody pays me money once to get one thing but every few days he gets something new as bonus as a surprise and it’s difficult to do that with the simple download page. Plus it’s easy for others to copy that exact URL web address and share it with their friends.

A membership site requires a little more setup but there are bigger benefits to that. It’s more secure, which means that it’s tougher for others to share links. Because they also have to share a username and password and there are built in tracking in most membership software, such as wish list member where if same user account logs in from two mail locations it will temporarily freeze the account. It’s also easy to drip content with plug in such as WPDRIP and setup a membership site where someone joins and they get their first piece on content, but get something new every few days. But the membership site needs a little more setup, but there are little more advantages and which should you use. The answer is you should choose both. For now, set up a simple download page, so your buyers have some place to go. And after you’ve got few sales, you can now justify the cost and the time of setting up your membership site to secure it and to drip out your content.

Exactly What To Put On Your Download Page When You Offer A Digital Product

If you are not yet ready to setup a full fledge membership site or shopping cart, you can easily get setup in just a few minute and have a website created where someone sees what you have to offer they click and pay and they are immediately sent to a very simple webpage where they can download that thing they just pay for. It’s actually easier than you think, just make a webpage that links to a zip file, contains an email opt in form for update and then promotes an additional offer. First you need to zip up the things you’re offering, that way people can easily download it to their computer. This means if you are offering a video and you don’t know how to embed it on a webpage. You can have the download reversion, just take the video file, right click it, go to send to, then create a compressed folder, that will create a zip file or basically a package that puts your video inside it.

Likewise if you create a PDF report and you simply link directly to the PDF and someone clicks on it, it will open up in their browser. But if you want people to save it, put the PDF inside a zip file and link to that zip file. You can use any use any HTML editor and any webpage template to create a hyperlink to that zip file on your web server. Somebody loads that download page after they buy from you and the first thing they just see is the link to what they just bought. Underneath that, step two, you should have, sign up for updates. If you have an email auto-responder such an Aweber, you can make a separate sub list of just your buyers. And put the form on the download page so that the only people who can sign up for this buyer’s update list are people who paid you money!

So far we have step 1, download your zip file, step 2, sign up for updates, and finally add step 3, promote another offer, make it the next step. If you offer a beginner’s course on word-press then find someone who offers the advance course sign up as an affiliate and link from your download page directly to this additional offer. And that’s your download page!

Step 1: They download.

Step 2: They register for updates.

Step 3: They check out the next logical offer you have for them.

What Payment Processor To Use,

When you are taking payment on the internet, you need to have a payment processor. This is a service that will collect you customer’s credit card information and to tell you if the order was successful or not. Locally setting this up is fairly easy and all you have to do is create a sales letter, and a download page. And after somebody pays you it simply redirects them to the download page. And they did not pay you it does not redirect them to that download page.

You have a few choices out there about, what payment processor you should use, lets figure out which one is right for you. Your choice is basically PayPal, Clickbank or your own merchant account. If you’re not sure, start with PayPal. PayPal has a very easy setup process, it’s free and once you are proved, you can create as many buttons as you want and sell as many products as you want. You can get setup in a few minutes. The only drawback to PayPal is that it does not have a built in affiliate program which means you cannot set things up where other people recommend your product to their subscribers and customers. For that you can use Clickbank.

This service has its own pros and cons. First of all it does have a built in affiliate network. Which means as long as you sell on Clickbank, literally, anyone can promote your product for 50-60% commission. The problem with click bank is that, they handle most of your customer support for you. So, if customer wants a refund, they can contact Clickbank directly. And to pay for these customer support costs Clickbank takes out a slightly higher fee or percentage out of every sale and this is how services like PayPal and Clickbank make their money by taking out a tiny processing fee out of every transaction the other thing with Clickbank is that they do require you to pay $50 as a setup fee but it’s only one time. And after you’re set up and after you’ve set up they will have to approve every additional button or every additional product you have for sale. And this process takes a couple of days. But the thing about Clickbank is that all these extra affiliate sales are just that!

Extra… The sales you would not have had if you stayed on PayPal. That’s why I’d recommend you start with PayPal and move to Clickbank. And then there is an option of having your own merchant account. Which allows you more control, for example allows you to take credit card payment directly onto your sales letter instead of requiring you to link and to be able to click over to that service, but there’s higher fee and more risk, risk of you to losing that merchant account, there are more restrictions, and you have to keep money in the bank for the longer period of time. That’s why I would stay away from merchant account for now and start off with PayPal and once you made a few sales then I would Clickbank to have an affiliate program and in the future if you grow big enough think about having a merchant account.

Add Testimonials And Social Proof To Your Sales Letter To Instantly Increase Conversion

Testimonials will help your sales letter because it shows that other people have taken an interest in what you have to sell and that they have received results from the product you’re offering. Let’s talk today about how to get testimonials, how to add them, and how to format them.

First of all, in order to get testimonials you need actual buyers. I’ve heard people recommend that you give out review copies which means that you might sell a book for $20 dollars but you will be handing it out for free in exchange for a review. But the problem with this is first of all if no one gives you a review, you’ve given these books out for nothing and the best review I’ve received are from real buyers.

That’s why I would recommend that you launch your product at first with no testimonials because they are not required. And, after people buy, follow-up with them individually to get a testimonial out of them. Then when you follow-up, how do you get this testimonial, It’s simple! Ask three questions about their experience. It doesn’t even matter what three questions, ask three things and this means that they’ll have to respond to you with at least three sentences, usually more.

You take their response, remove the questions and now you have a thoughtful response. These can be any three questions such as, what did you like the best about this product, What was the easiest part and what would you recommend other people can get out of this, Easy! Three questions, three different answers and now you have a detailed review. Once you have that review, you can put it on a webpage and I would recommend you put it inside of its own box.

I prefer blue boxes and take their best phrase and make it the headline of that box. For example, if you had a product and someone used it to sell a house in two days. The headline might be “Sold My House In Two Days!” And, that is a part of the length of your review they say but now it is easy to scroll around and see what that testimonial is about. Another thing that really helps is to have their picture and full name because we’ve all seen sales letters where the testimonial was from “Suzy T” and it looks made up.

We want to prove as much as possible that these people giving testimonials are real people. When someone gives you a testimonial, ask if they have a picture of themselves. Add them to Facebook, see if they have a picture there. Get any picture of them to prove they are a real human being and list their first name and last name. No initials, full first name, full last name and if they have a website url, a dot com name. List that as well but do not link to it. We’re listing that to prove not only did they leave this review, they have a full name, they have a picture, and they have a url. And, that is as simple as testimonials have to be.

Add An Audio Button To Your Sales Letter In Three Easy Parts

Making a video and adding it to your sales letter is hard. Split testing takes awhile but one very simple improvement you can make to your webpage is adding an audio button. It takes you a few minutes. It makes you look more professional and it keeps people staying on your webpage for those first few seconds.

Adding an audio button is easy. We’re going to use the WP audio player script to add to our webpage. We’re going to use the Logitech USB Clear Chat Headset to record it and Gold Wave to save the file. And you’re going to be reading what you see on the webpage.

The WP audio player script is a file you upload and a piece of code you put on your webpage that says, “Find this audio file, this MP3” and play it directly in their browser. All you have to do is download the stand alone version if you have a HG mail sales letter or install the plugin if you have a WordPress sales letter, and now it is ready to play your MP3 file. But we have to record that MP3 file first. For that we will get the $35 dollar Logitech USB Clear Chat which you can buy on Amazon, and it will record anything you say in fairly good quality.

Then you can get the shareware program Gold Wave, hit the record button, speak then save as an MP3 file. Now that you know how to record an audio file, upload it and play it on this webpage player. What do we say, Very simple! Open up your webpage, read the headline, read the first few paragraphs introducing yourself and then find a place where there’s a cliffhanger and transition into telling people to continue reading the webpage.

That way you’ll have your shocking statement, you’ll begin telling the story but they have to keep reading the webpage to get that story. We want to limit our audio button to about one minute in length to avoid being too long and we want to read the exact text we see on the webpage because the whole point is to get them to start reading. It wouldn’t make sense to show one thing in text and read something else in audio. Read what you see.

And that’s how to add an audio button to your sales letter. Use WP audio player as your player. It’s free and even though it does work with WordPress, there’s also a stand alone edition for regular sales letters. Use the Logitech USB Clear Chat Headset to record your audio and the program Gold Wave to actually record it and save the audio file. Read the headline, read the first few paragraphs then tell people to continue reading the page to get more information.

Should You Have A Text Video, Or Text And Video Sales Letter

When you make a sales letter, you have different options. You can make a sales letter be entirely made of text, a video and nothing else, or combine text and video. Which one is right for you, If you ask me, a text sales letter is easier to make because I don’t have to worry about video sizes and I don’t have to reshoot or worry about graphics or sounds.

With text I can words up on a screen and that’s it. Text is good because it gets the detail oriented people. People who want to know exactly what they’re buying, what’s exactly in Module 3 of your course, what problems does it solve. They want to know all the details and text is helpful for that. Especially because anyone can scroll down to the bottom of the page add any points and choose to buy.

Video on the other hand is easier to pull people in and they can hear your voice, they can see whatever graphics you choose to put on the screen, and you can even set up things where people can’t skim or fast forward, or scroll to the end of the video. But unfortuantely, this is also the problem because it’s tough to back on a video and see exactly what you’re getting, and even if there are fast forward and rewind controls, it’s hard to see the big picture to see the entire offer in video.

That’s why you’re seeing more and more sales letters that used to be 100% video, now have text below it so that the exciting presentation is on video but the actual details of what’s inside the offer or inside the course is below that video. At first glance this might seem to be the best of both worlds but this is something you need to split test because many times I’ve found that giving people something extra to play with, distracts them from the sales letter and many people will watch the video and leave.

Text and video is a good place to start but then you should split test text and video against text with no video, and you might be surprised at the results. But either way you shouldn’t discount a text sales letter because it has been working for so long but you also shouldn’t discount a video sales letter because it might convert better for your particular webpage.

How Long Or Short To Make Your Sales Letter

It doesn’t matter too much about your niche, price point or audience. You have to decide how long you’re going to make your sales letter and adjust from there. But there is no magic number about your webpage needing to be two-pages or ten-pages long. It has to be the right length.

When I write a sales letter, I don’t think ahead of time it’s going to be one page long or ten pages long. It ends up being however long it has to be to list all the details but also not be too boring. We could easily go for 50 or 100-pages filling up the space and saying nothing but we will lose readers. On the other hand, if you were trying to get someone to pay you a thousand or $2,000 dollars and your sales letter was five bullet points, that probably is not enough information.

If your sales letter is on the short side, doesn’t give me enough details to decide I need it. Are you telling me if it’s a book, video or a class, And, if it’s a video what format is it in, How long is it, What does it tell me, If it’s a class, how long does the class go, What parts of it are interactive and so on. Tell me what are the details, not only that. what is in every component and why is each of those components important.

If you’re only selling a 10-page report, you might not have as much to talk about and that’s when you need to worry about your sales letter being too long. If it’s so boring that you have to go through every single component in the table of contents or talk about everything else on every single page that’s obviously too much detail.

As your price point and the amount of value you deliver goes up, then your sales letter needs to be a little bit longer as well. But there’s always that danger of going too long. It’s important for you to look at your own sales letter, ask people in your niche what they think, and split test to see if your sales letter is too long or too short. But when you’re looking about what improvements to make, focus more on improving the headlines or focus on partof the sales letter where you might loose or discuss your readers instead of worrying about how long or short it should be.

How To Write Headlines And Bullet Points For Your Sales Letters Without Thinking

I want you to get really good at writing sales letters and other webpages and I don’t want you to get stuck. That’s why I am going to share with you an easy way to come up with any headline and any bullet point without thinking by applying a very simple formula that you can use for any offer on any webpage, and have your site set up in a fraction of the time.

The first way I like to think about writing a headline or a bullet point is to think of three problems and three solutions. For example, if you were offering a time management course and the problem the people were having is that they were overwhelmed, they were tired and they were running out of time. Those are the three problems and three solutions could be to simplify their life to increase their energy and to work faster then they can get more out of the day.

And, we could incorporate that in the headline and it’s almost now written itself. If you’re overwhelmed, tired, and you’re running out of time then you need this training to get more energy, work faster, and do something else that will help them out. Three problems and then three solutions to those problems writes the majority of your headline or your bullet points for you.

The next thing to keep in mind about headlines and bullet points is that we’re focusing on the “wow” factor; on the big result, outcome, boost, or improvement. We’re not going for what it actually is, we’re going for what it does and that means that instead of talking about the really cool worksheets or step-by-step formulas that we’re offering. Let’s focus on what people get once they’re done.

Maybe they will get 10 hours of work every day compressed into one hour. Maybe they will live long; maybe they’ll be happier but those are the things to keep in mind when writing your headlines and your bullet points. It’s fine to mention that the components of your course but your headlines and your bullet points will become a lot more exciting if you focus on what comes after they take your training.

And finally, if you’re really stuck. My fill in the blank template for writing bullet points is why and then some kind of emotional reason and how, and then some kind of emotional outcome. And, that could be something as, “Why saying goodbye to email forever. Why saying goodbye to email forever will improve your life drastically and how you can take those steps in three days or less!”

We’re saying why this thing is important and then how it does this but we’re making sure to add emotional words such as say goodbye to or improve then we’re not listing things out. We’re actually making this fun and exciting and connecting with our readers. Write headlines and bullet points by thinking of three problems and three solutions by focusing on what results comes out of that training, and then use the why and how technique.

Avoid These Very Common Mistakes On WebPage Sales Letters

When you have a sales letter which is a simple webpage that presents a single offer and has one thing for people to buy. They’re mistakes that I see over and over again, and if you avoid these mistakes you can shortcut a lot of frustration, time and money, and start making sales faster.

Avoid the confusing or hard to understand offer, avoid signing off before you hit the buy button, and avoid multiple calls to action. Even though your sales letter is supposed to be simple, even though it’s supposed to be one thing to buy. I still see people make it super complicated. If you’re selling something for a $100 dollars, then state it’s a $100 dollars. If it’s two payments of $20 dollars then state that but let’s not get crazy and make it 15 payments or a payment every day. Let’s make the price of what it is exactly what it is.

And, be upfront about what thing people are paying for. Are they paying for reports, a physical book, a cd, How is it delivered, That way when I buy from you, I know exactly what it is I’m getting for my money. It’s a very easy thing to fix is making sure that all the pieces are presented in the right order. For example, you wouldn’t want to put your guarantee above the bonus area because everyone is used to seeing the guarantee near the very bottom of the sales letter. It’s almost a legal section. But if we see the guarantee and we’re thinking it’s the bottom of the sales letter, we might miss some of the bonuses.

Likewise, if you sign your name and have a signature of your name at the bottom of the sales letter but didn’t have the buy button under that, less people will read to the bottom because they see you signing your name and they’re used to regular letters where you sign your name at the bottom and then your done. By moving your buy button under your guarantee and before your sign off, you can get more sales because they’re used to the guarantee is winding down but the sign off is where the sales header is completely done.

And finally, [are easy to make to buy,] [2:38] it to fix your sales letter is to remove extra order buttons. Remove links off of your site. Your sales letter should have one single call to action, one single thing to do. That means instead of having three or four order buttons, have one single order button. Instead of having a order button and other links outside the website, narrow it down to one single order button.

It’s okay to have links that drop people down to the bottom of the page to that order button but you want it to be one single thing people can buy on this webpage. Either they can buy or they can leave. I know there’re some very common mistakes that you can easily avoid on sales letters. Have an easy to understand offer, sign off after your buy button annd limit yourself to one call to action.

How To Start Writing Your Sales Letter

Even though you might see many webpages from top to bottom. Most copywriters don’t start by writing the headline. They might not start at the bottom either. The question is what part of your sales letter should you write first, The answer is the bullet points.

For me, the most detailed part and the most difficult part to come up with in your sales letter is the bullet points. The description of what’s inside your product because once you have that middle part, that list of what is inside the solution. Then you can transition into the headline. Then the story and the problem pretty much write itself. But a great place to start is with the bullet points because it’s easy to expand from there and a webpage with nothing but a bunch of bullet points and a order button is still a basic sales letter.

What you do first is list many of the components, videos or chapters or inside your paid offer and then expand them into benefits. Take those things, for example, if you were to sell a report about increasing the distance you can hit a golf ball but the first chapter might be about which golf club to choose. But we want to focus on the outcome, the feature is what golf club to choose but the benefit might be exactly, “How choosing the correct golf club makes all the difference,”

Even if some of your bullet points are features and not benefits, it’s still okay. It’s fine to list the exact components of your course, report, video, or class because people still need to know what they’re buying. It’s up to you to take that list of what they’re buying and make it more exciting. But if you’re a beginner copywriter, having a list of bullet points is better than having no sales letter at all.