Specific Headlines And Bullet Points To Place On Your Opt-In Page

An opt-in page is very simple. Just have a web page, add a headline to it, list three bullet points under it, and place your opt-in form under those to make a very simple offer that people can understand in a short amount of time that is also detailed enough so that your new email subscribers know exactly what they are getting into. But if you have not seen many good examples of opt-in pages or you have not set up very many opt-in pages of your own, you might be confused about what kind of headline and what kind of bullet points you should be placing on this opt-in page. We’ll talk about that today.

For your headline, just keep it simple. We are not going for any silly phrases or clever words. We’re just saying exactly what people are getting. For example, “Free Video Shows You How To Learn To Swim In 5 Minutes Or Less.” Very simple. They know exactly what outcome they will be at as soon as they’re done watching the video and at the same time they know what the video is about. Probably showing how to swim the proper way.

One extra bonus you could add on this headline is state the dollar value of it. For example, if the video is worth $97 for someone. So learning how to swim in 5 minutes, instead of paying a swim instructor, then it’s worth that amount but it’s free. So the headline might say, “How To Learn To Swim In 5 Minutes With This Easy Video, $97 Value, Yours Free.” That will grab attention and state the value of this free gift they are about to get. Because we don’t want them to think that just because this gift is free, then it’s worthless. It has a value, but they are getting it for free in exchange for signing up to your list.

Now, below that headline, we want to list some specific bullet points so people will know what it’s about. And if you haven’t done this, it’s easy to get stuck. But I just want you to tell me what I can do with this video. Do you talk about the front stroke and backstroke, Then one of your bullet points might be, “Master both the front stroke and the backstroke.” Another bullet point might be that anyone at any age can use this training and a final bullet point might be that it works in ocean, in a swimming pool, no matter what. So, three bullet points saying what I can do with it. I can do it right away in any environment.

And if you’re still kind of stuck, tell me what results I can see from it and why I should get it right now. Obviously, if your video shows me how to swim in 5 minutes, the results are I can go from nothing to being a basic swimmer in just a few minutes from your video. And why get it now is the urgency. So, the urgency might be that you will be taking the page down later. Or that if they don’t learn this information right now, then a week or a month will go by and they still won’t know how to swim but if they had just given you 5 minutes, then they could have gotten that issue out of the way.

The Best Email Service To Use To Build A List

If you want to get more people to your website, which means more participation in your blog and forum community, if you want more people to read your information and most importantly buy from you, you need to be building an email list no matter what type of website you have. Luckily, it’s perfectly okay to create a permission-based or opt-in list, which means that somebody chooses to subscribe to your email newsletter. You can send messages to them anytime you want and they can choose to unsubscribe from these messages anytime they want as well. But choosing the best email service changes depending on how long you have been in business and the size of your budget.

The two choices, as far as I’m concerned, are basically MailChimp, which is free, and Aweber, which is $19 per month. MailChimp is a free email service which is a good place to get started and is useful if you have no budget and you don’t think your email list is going to grow to a very large size. These both work the same way. You get an account, they give you sign-up code or a sign-up form to copy onto your blog or your web page and then people can then sign up to your list.

MailChimp is free and they limit the number of subscribers you have until you can begin paying. But the idea is you have a few subscribers and you find a way to monetize them either by bringing them back to your site to click on ads or just to buy something.

On the other hand, Aweber costs $19 per month but I believe it’s worth it and the reason for that is they provide telephone support. As you’re setting up any part of your autoresponder, you can pick up the telephone, call the number and they will walk you through the things you need to do. Also, Aweber has better deliverability which means that when you send a message to your email subscribers, chances are they will get it and it will not be blocked by the email filters.

Whichever one you choose, MailChimp or Aweber, make sure you actually use it. Because there’s no point in paying $19 a month or letting a free autoresponder account sit around if you’re not actually using it. So decide. If you can afford $19 a month, sign up with Aweber. Otherwise, use MailChimp. But above all, set up your account, make a subscriber list, and put your sign-up form somewhere on your website so that when people visit, they can join your list and receive updates from you.

Build Your Email List With A Free Gift

The best way to get somebody to join your email subscriber list, which you can then use to send them updates and promotions, is to offer them a free gift. Many times, someone comes to your web page and they are not yet ready to buy and on top of that, they are about to leave your site. On the internet, many people have low attention spans, sometimes of even a few seconds. That’s why the best thing you could do for cold traffic, which means visitors who don’t know about you, is to offer a free gift in exchange for signing up to your list. Someone is registering to get this free gift but in order to get it they have to type in their name and their email address. After they sign up, they get this free gift but you can then send them emails.

A free gift is something that you get for signing up. You can offer them something like three of your articles rolled into one PDF file or even a 10-minute video. Don’t overthink this. You are going to be solving someone’s very basic solution. Maybe people want to know what the best WordPress plugins are. Or they want to know what simple way to lose 1 lb. of fat every month. You’re going to present what your solution is to their problem and give them the most basic solution possible.

Afterwards, feel free to give them extra tips or send them to a sales letter or your blog, but you’re only giving them the equivalent of about one blog post or one or two articles in exchange for signing up. Just take a few of your articles, dump them into Microsoft Word, save as a PDF file, put it on your download page, and that’s your free gift. Or use a desktop recording program such as Jing Project and record a video lasting a few minutes, paste it on the download page, and now you have something to offer people in exchange for signing up.


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In Episode 004, Jack will discuss why the word “TRY” and the phrase “Do Your Best” can be harmful to you when you embark on your entrepreneurship journey. How would your mind interpret these words and phrases? What should you say to yourself instead of these words and phrases? You are encouraged to listen to the entire episode as Jack will share with you from his experience the solution to this challenge.


In Episode 003, Jack will continue discussing how harmful it can be when aspiring business owners are afraid of taking action because of their fear of making mistakes and suggesting a 5-step process on how to deal with this issue and master the well-known concept of little voices he learned from his teacher and coach, Blair Singer, the Rich Dad Advisor for Robert Kiyosaki in sales and team development.


In Episode 002, Jack will share with you his experiences of making mistakes in the corporate world and how it could affect anyone aspiring to start a business in an unresourceful way.  As Robert Kiyosaki suggested in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, making mistakes in business is mission critical.  Listen to this episode to find out why.


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The Best And Worst Sources Of Traffic To Your Opt-In Page

The problem everyone on the internet has is that not enough people are looking at their web pages. If you can get even a few people to your website, get them on a list and send messages to them. Then you can get your visitors to return to your site over and over again. But this issue is how do you get them to your site that first time, You need to focus on traffic and get other websites on the internet to link over to you. But not all traffic sources are created equal. Let’s talk about the best and the worst places to get traffic.

The best places to get people to sign up to your list and to get to your opt-in page is from forums, articles and blog posts. This is good because we’re not asking for them to buy anything right away. They’re curious about you from your forums posts. Or they trust what you have to say from your articles and blog posts and they want to know more. So they came to your opt-in page from any of these places and see a certain offer and they’re not ready to buy yet but they want to be 100% sure that you know what you’re talking about and that you can help them with whatever their problem is. Maybe they want their car to drive faster, they want to write articles faster or wants to set up their website. They’ve come to your opt-in page. They’re not buying anything yet, they are signing up.

One thing I see happen that’s kind of silly is that some email marketers will send their existing subscribers to an opt-in page to get a gift. Which is silly because these people are already on their email list. Once someone is on your list, it’s your job to get them to buy, not to sign up for more free stuff. If someone is already on your list, I recommend that you link them directly to whatever new gift you have to offer or even better link them to something to buy and don’t try to get them to sign up for something else all over again.

And a questionable and not so great sources of traffic to get to your opt-in page are pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Pay-per-click advertising is fast if you can get it right but it’s easy to waste a lot of money on it and many of the ad networks have rules against linking directly to opt-in pages. They want you to link to pages with lots of content on them and it’s kind of difficult to have a certain page rank highly for specific keywords if there’s nothing on it other than your opt-in form. Search engine optimization or SEO is slow traffic and with SEO, you are hoping and guessing that your page will rank highly in the search results. SEO is a good afterthought because you might get lucky and rank for certain terms. What I prefer to do is have my blog rank highly in the search engines and then link from my blog onto my opt-in pages.

The best place to get lots of people to sign up to your opt-in page is from forum, article or blog post. If someone is already on your list, don’t get them to sign up for something again and don’t count on paid pay-per-click advertising or free SEO traffic to get a lot of subscribers in a hurry. They’re good afterthoughts and there are good advanced methods, but you will get the most and the best traffic to try you out and join your free list from forums, articles and blog posts.

How To Get The Most Number Of People To Opt In

Maybe you have an autoresponder service and you have a simple web page already set up. Now, we want to make sure that the most number of people sign up to our list. How do we do that, We do two different things. We make sure that as many people as possible see the page and you make sure that those people who do see the page sign up. What you want to do is deliver a free gift, make that gift easy to download and get as many links to that web page as possible.

You can try offering all kinds of things in exchange for signing up to your list. It can be a multi-day e-course, updates to your blog, a newsletter, but nothing converts quite as well as a free gift. But this can be very simple. It can be a 5-page PDF report or a 5-minute video or a simple piece of software. Just have something that solves a very common and desperate and specific problem. So we’re going to say on the opt-in page what that free gift is and yes, actually deliver it on the other side after somebody types in their name and email address and joins your list.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that it is easy to download this gift. Someone enters their information, you send them to another page where it’s very clear in giant text exactly how to get access to this video or this download. If you can make an audio or video automatically play, that’s great. But it’s far to call off people to have a download page with tons of links to all kinds of different areas and it’s not clear where the original gift was. Make it easy to download, try it out, make sure the link is working properly, and even have a friend sign up to your list just to make sure that anyone signing up can easily get to this free gift. Because you want people to stay on your list once they’ve joined so build that relationship and give them the exact same thing they signed up for.

And finally, there’s no point in creating the best gift or the best opt-in page if no one sees it. So get lots of links back to that opt-in page. Post articles, make forum posts, get others to promote it. But make sure that as many as possible are visiting that opt-in page so they can see your free gift and sign up for your mailing list if they decide they want it.