Get Traffic Using Other People’s Blogs

You need more traffic. It doesn’t matter who you are. There are many ways to get more eyeballs on your websites, including your blog. And because you want people to visit your blog, what better source of visitors could you have than people who are already reading and responding on other people’s blogs, You can get blog traffic from guest blogging, from blog commenting, and from joint ventures and affiliates.

Guest blogging is pretty simple and effective on the right blogs, but very few people do it. What you do is write a blog post. But instead of posting it on your own site, contact someone you know, and see if they accept guest content. In this post, you’re going to be showing some of your best material, some of your best tips, but it’s going on someone else’s website. The good news is that your name is still attached to the blog post, even though it’s someone else’s website, and you usually have a link back to your blog. That way, if someone who was reading this post likes what they see, likes what you have to offer, then they will click on the link back to your blog and read more about you.

I have some blogs that give me consistent traffic even years later and consistent sales every week from something I wrote years and years ago. The only problem with this method is that you need to build your relationships, you need to know the person whose blog you’re writing for. But the worst case scenario is that they say no, and you go and find someone else who will host this guest blog content.

Another strategy that is somewhat effective but easier to do is blog commenting. When you leave a comment on someone else’s blog, you usually have the ability to type in a URL or a web address of your website. That means that on this website, there will be a blog pos, and underneath it, your blog comment, but your name is hyperlinked. And that means if someone decides they like your blog comment, if it contributed to the discussion and was not spammy, then they might click on that link and go back to your site. Many people mess this up and leave out the link, or have a link to a normal website. But if you’re leaving a comment on a blog, what better place to send people than back to your blog. What’s an even better idea is if you have a post on your blog about a similar topic, then link directly to that blog post instead of the front page of your blog.

And finally, there’s nothing wrong with simply contacting people. If someone is promoting you as an affiliate and they’re making even a handful of sales and you see they have a blog, why not ask them to place their existing affiliate link right on their blog. And even if they are not promoting you yet, it can’t hurt to contact different blog owners and ask if they will place your link or banner ad in exchange for something. Maybe it is in exchange for a blog post, or a monthly fee, or maybe they just need to sign up as an affiliate, and promote your blog or your products and get a commission for the sales they bring in.

And that’s how you can get blog traffic: through guest blogging, blog commenting, joint ventures, and affiliates.

How To Install a WordPress Blog On Your Own Site

Adding a blog to your site is a very good idea because you can list all of the articles, old e-mail messages, and basically thoughts and tips easily on a site, and you can do it to a point-and-click interface. You add a post and it’s on there. You can categorize these posts, they’re grouped by date, you can make them searchable, all built in.

Installing WordPress on your site is probably easier than you thought, especially if you have a Cpanel webhost. When you log in to Cpanel which is the back end of your website, there are many icons to click on but there is a blue smiley face labeled Fantastico. Once you are on this area, on the left side bar, there is a link to install WordPress. When you load that page, they are going to ask you for the title of your new blog, description, the web address if you want to set this up, and your log in, and that’s it. Click a few buttons and now you have a WordPress blog set up, ready for a theme, ready for plugins, ready for content. You just fill in a form. It’s super simple.

On the off chance you don’t have a Cpanel webhost, there still are not a lot of extra steps and you can find many freelancers who will install WordPress for you for about $5. It’s very simple. You got to, you click on the giant download button, and you will download what’s called a zip file. You right-click the zip file and unzip it, basically just by double-clicking the file, opening it, and dragging the contents out of that folder. Then you will upload using an ftp client, and use your webhost to add a database. With many webhosts, you can simply ask the host and they will set up the database for you as WordPress instructs. Once you’ve compeleted these steps, you will then load your blog and it will ask you to fill in details like your database name, user name, and title of your blog. After taking those four steps, you’re back to simply filling out a form, click a button, and again, your WordPress blog is now set up, ready for you to write your first post, choose a theme, and add some of your favorite plugins.

WordPress is easy to install on a Cpanel host. It’s just point and click. But even on a non-Cpanel host, you take a few steps of downloading, unzipping, uploading, and setting up a database, and then you just fill in a form, and WordPress is installed anyway.

And that is how you install WordPress on your site.

EPISODE 023 – The Science of Presenting In Front of A Room

In Episode 023, Jack shares the secrets, the science and the system of presenting in front of the room. In particular, how you should carefully plan the first few minutes of your presentation so that you earn the right and credibility to continue with your presentation. You don’t want to miss this podcast to enable you to stand above and beyond other mediocre presenters with their boring presentation.

EPISODE 022 – Challenges of Crafting Your Message to Match the Market’s Wants and Needs

In Episode 022, Jack touches on an important topic on crafting the message to match the market’s wants and needs. There is a science behind doing this and Jack takes the opportunity in this episode to discuss a few challenges he and his clients faced in the past and share his experience with you. There are tons of goodies in this episode and make sure you listen to this podcast to find more when you want to strike the jackpot of matching your message with what the market needs and wants.

EPISODE 021 – Experience from my Recent Mentorship Session III – Employees’ Mindset versus Entrepreneurs’ Mindset

In Episode 021, Jack finishes off with Part III his real-life experience with a recent mentorship session one of his mentees in the National University of Singapore. The mentee mentioned that her friend who is a start-up business owner defines a leader as a person who co-ordinates resources. Something is not right here and Jack immediately provides his insight about how the mindset of a person can sabotage him/her to be a successful entrepreneur. Make sure you listen to this podcast to find out the exact science and proven solutions to enable you to acquire an entrepreneur’s mindset. It’s a very simple process quite frankly.

EPISODE 020 – Experience from my Recent Mentorship Session II – Leaders versus Leadership Styles

In Episode 020, Jack continues with Part II his real-life experience with a recent mentorship session one of his mentees in the National University of Singapore. The mentee would like to improve her skill on leadership and Jack gave her the solutions and insights on what leadership is about. Make sure you listen to this podcast to find out the exact science and proven solutions to enable you to become a better leader and teacher. It’s a very simple process quite frankly.

EPISODE 019 – Experience from my Recent Mentorship Session I – How to Initiate Conversations with Strangers

In Episode 019, Jack begins with Part I his real-life experience with a recent mentorship session one of his mentees in the National University of Singapore. The mentee would like to improve her skill on interacting with strangers and Jack gave her the solution. Make sure you listen to this podcast to find out the exact science and proven solutions to enable you to interact with strangers! It’s a very simple process quite frankly.

EPISODE 018 – More About Who Do You Serve

In Episode 018, Jack takes one more step further to discuss the topic on who you serve (i.e. your target audiences) by breaking it down into two components with specific examples given to illustrate his points. So, when someone asks you “what do you do” again, you will be in a better position to know whether he/she is your target audience in the first place. Like my coach and mentor, Alex Mandossian says, successful entrepreneurs spend 80% of the time to pre-qualify their clients.

EPISODE 017 – What is your Business Proposition for your Business? Who Do You Serve?

In Episode 017, Jack discusses the common mistake made by entrepreneurs who focus only on achieving their financial goals and not a bigger picture, namely, their business missions, their unique business proposition and who are the target audiences they serve. You see. Hitting a financial goal is not that difficult once you have sorted out the bigger picture. Most people have learned to ask only “how” to do that without asking “why” to do that. So, Jack takes the opportunity to sort out the WHY in this Episode. Enjoy!

EPISODE 016 – Making a Request to Your Qualified Coaches and Mentors And Not Faked Teachers

In Episode 016, Jack continues his discussion about making a request. It’s important to know from whom you are seeking help because the truth is that not everyone is qualified to help you to solve your problems. It is a risky move to seek help from people who are employees when your problem is about entrepreneurship. It is a risky move to seek help from auditors when your problem is about taxation. After listening to this episode, you will begin to realize that coaching and mentorship, which forms an essential component in business, actually helps you make more money and have more time to pursue your dreams!

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