Being Productive Versus Being Busy

You don’t get extra points or extra money if you are working for yourself just by putting in extra time. If one person sits down and spends 30-minutes making articles, sending out auto-responders and leaves. And another person sits down for 12-hours and gets the same thing accomplished – then who is the real winner, They both got the same out-come, but one person spent half an hour of time, and one person spent 12-hours of time. You don’t want to be busy, you want to be productive. You can tell you are being productive if you are finishing what you do, if you are focusing on deliverables, and if your tasks are on course to your bigger goal.

What does it mean to finish something, It means that you have something to show for your efforts, it means that someone could look over your shoulder and see what you physically created from your efforts. That might mean that you made five forum posts instead of spending three hours on a forum. It might mean that you finished two chapters of your report, instead of outlining two chapters. Outlining is fine, but finishing is better.

You need to show what you have actually completed. What that actually delivers to you. That means that if you finished two chapters of your report, did those make you any money, Did you take those two chapters and release the newer version of your report, If you wrote an article, did you submit it, And, did that give you traffic and did that get you sales, Then you now have a deliverable based on what you created.

It’s one thing to write more of a blog post, but what if you published it or scheduled it so that it is now out there. No matter what tasks you complete, you need to make sure that this is all in line with your bigger picture. It doesn’t make sense to be marketing in one niche, but then write articles in a different niche. Or, to send an email with one topic but tomorrow ask people to buy a product about a completely different topic.

That is what you need to do to make sure you are productive, and not just busy. That you are finishing what you start, that you think about what deliverables you are making, and that your tasks are on course to the bigger picture.

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