Being In Many Niches At Once Versus Having A Pen Name

It’s really easy to get ahead of yourself and not just decide on one niche or topic for your website but get crazy and think about five or 10 of these niches and even then you might be wondering should you do business under your real name in all five or 10 of these niches. Or should you have a fake name or a pen name depending on which niche you are in, I’m here to tell you that you need to just pick one niche, that way you don’t have to worry about being a jack-of-all-trades and you don’t have to worry about having a pen name either.

Keep it simple. Start with just one niche under your name. If you want to be the self-improvement expert then that is what your exact niche is. Don’t worry about the next five products, the next two products, just what website are you creating today and on what topic and put all of your energy into that.

The reason for this is first of all it’s easier to focus on one project and get it finished before moving on to the next thing but if you did have two different websites in two different niches under the same name, then that means somebody might find you as the self-improvement expert and when they search your name in Google they might find you also under the video poker expert and vice versa. Now the issue is are you really an expert in self-improvement if your name is also listed under video poker. That’s why you should stick to one niche and partner with someone else if you branch out into other niches.

If you are an established expert in self-improvement and you want to get into teaching video poker then find someone who is established in that niche or who wants to become established in the niche and partner up with them and split the profits.

The alternative is to have a pen name or a fake name in the other niche. The problem with that is that if I’m about to buy your product about video poker and I investigate your company name or your address or your name which customers do every now and then, they will find that you don’t exist or that you lied about who you are and now you have lost that trust. That is why you should stay away from multiple unrelated niches. Stay away from a pen name and focus on one single niche and establish yourself in that niche under your real name.

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