Avoid These Common Mistakes On Your Download Pages

Most people do not put too much thought into the download page. It’s just a place where you deliver the product. Someone already came to your site. They already decided they want to purchase an offer. They already paid you money and they were sent to this page to collect their product. Seems simple, right…, It actually is, as long as you make sure to avoid potential pitfalls. Don’t hide your download link from other people. Test your download link and put it into its own zip file. And if you have many different pieces and many different links on your download page, provide an “all in one” download.

When someone has paid you, the most important thing to them right now is to get access to the item you promised. That could be the video, that could be the report but we don’t want to hide what they came for. That means to center the text that says, “Download your report here.” Put it in huge letters. May be even draw an arrow point toward or have the words that say “Right click the report above, to save your report right now. If you have a video for sale, make the video automatically played as soon as someone comes to that download page, but make it super obvious and super simple that here is the thing you just pay for, here is how to get it.

A really important thing you should do is, pretend to be your own buyer or have a friend buy from your webpage just to see what experience they go through. You would be surprised because some payment processors take a long time to process the order, or you might have misnamed a file, so when somebody pays you, they don’t end up on a download page. May be they do end up on a download page but you’ve misnamed the zip-file, so you know, they see the thank you message, they can’t actually download the thing they actually pay you for. It seems obvious but it will really help you out if you have somebody pretend to be a buyer, buy from you and make sure everything is ok. And that also includes downloading a file! Because you might have included a corrupt zip file or the download process might be too involved. Just imagine if you had 16 parts video training course, you might think that it’s a good idea to put each video in its own individual zip file. Well, that means that when somebody buys from you, they have to save 16 different things one after another. Not very fun, right… But what if you offered all 16 pieces, on their own, plus an all in one, giant, zip file. That way they could save first couple of videos, and start watching them, but while they are watching those first few, download the entire package at once. And those are some easy things you can look for adjust on your download page to make sure that your customers are happy with the purchase they just made, so that they will continue to read your emails and look for promotions and buy from you again, at the same time produce the customer support you have to deal with.

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