Avoid Free Web Hosting At All Costs

When you are looking for web hosting, in other words – a place to store your website, any good webhost is going to charge you a monthly fee. But, you might come across cheaper or even free web hosting and I want you to stay away from these types of offers for many reasons.

The first reason is that you get what you pay for. If you are not paying a webhost any amount of money, it probably won’t have very good service or very good support. Some web hosting companies will webhost you for free if you display an advertisement on your site. But why would you set up a site just to advertise someone else’s business, Just pay for web hosting, pay the monthly fee, and find a way to justify that cost.

After all, a good price to pay for web hosting at a place like hostgator, is $10 per month for unlimited domains. That means you can pay $10 every month, and if you have 20 .com names and 20 different websites, you still just pay $10 per month. And, this price is even cheaper if you pay on a yearly basis. If you can find a way to budget $10 per month out of your budget or make the site profit more than $10 per month, then you have made your money back.

In addition to free and cheap web hosting offers, I want you to avoid lifetime hosting or super-expensive hosting. There is simply no reason to pay $50 a month for a shared server. If you are paying $100 or more, you can actually get hosted on a dedicated or faster server – but again, you don’t need this if you have a small website or if you have a small number of visitors.

Avoid lifetime hosting, avoid free or cheap hosting, and avoid expensive hosting – just look for something in the $10 per month range.

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