Add Testimonials And Social Proof To Your Sales Letter To Instantly Increase Conversion

Testimonials will help your sales letter because it shows that other people have taken an interest in what you have to sell and that they have received results from the product you’re offering. Let’s talk today about how to get testimonials, how to add them, and how to format them.

First of all, in order to get testimonials you need actual buyers. I’ve heard people recommend that you give out review copies which means that you might sell a book for $20 dollars but you will be handing it out for free in exchange for a review. But the problem with this is first of all if no one gives you a review, you’ve given these books out for nothing and the best review I’ve received are from real buyers.

That’s why I would recommend that you launch your product at first with no testimonials because they are not required. And, after people buy, follow-up with them individually to get a testimonial out of them. Then when you follow-up, how do you get this testimonial, It’s simple! Ask three questions about their experience. It doesn’t even matter what three questions, ask three things and this means that they’ll have to respond to you with at least three sentences, usually more.

You take their response, remove the questions and now you have a thoughtful response. These can be any three questions such as, what did you like the best about this product, What was the easiest part and what would you recommend other people can get out of this, Easy! Three questions, three different answers and now you have a detailed review. Once you have that review, you can put it on a webpage and I would recommend you put it inside of its own box.

I prefer blue boxes and take their best phrase and make it the headline of that box. For example, if you had a product and someone used it to sell a house in two days. The headline might be “Sold My House In Two Days!” And, that is a part of the length of your review they say but now it is easy to scroll around and see what that testimonial is about. Another thing that really helps is to have their picture and full name because we’ve all seen sales letters where the testimonial was from “Suzy T” and it looks made up.

We want to prove as much as possible that these people giving testimonials are real people. When someone gives you a testimonial, ask if they have a picture of themselves. Add them to Facebook, see if they have a picture there. Get any picture of them to prove they are a real human being and list their first name and last name. No initials, full first name, full last name and if they have a website url, a dot com name. List that as well but do not link to it. We’re listing that to prove not only did they leave this review, they have a full name, they have a picture, and they have a url. And, that is as simple as testimonials have to be.

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